Victor Crone "Storm" - winner of Eesti Laul 2019 (Photo: Kairit Leibold / ERR)

Estonia: Victor Crone wins Eesti Laul 2019 with "Storm"

Victor Crone will represent Estonia at Eurovision Song Contest 2019 in Tel Aviv with the song "Storm"

Tonight Estonia picked its Eurovision representative Victor Crone, the publics’ and bookmakers’ favourite.The huge jury favourite was Stefan who ended up third, after public voted Victor Crone as the winner. The final show was hosted by Piret Krumm and Karl-Erik Taukar.

Victor Crone's winning song Storm is written by Stig Rästa, Vallo Kikas Fred Krieger and Victor Crone himself.

Estonia 2019: Victor Crone - "Storm"

Eesti Laul 2019 Final results

  1. Victor Crone – "Storm" (Superfinalist, winner)
  2. Uku Suviste – "Pretty Little Liar" (Superfinalist)
  3. Stefan – "Without You" (Superfinalist)
  4. Sissi – "Strong" (14 points)
  5. Lumevärv ft. Inga – "Milline päev" (12 points)
  6. Inger – "Coming Home" (9 points)
  7. The Swingers, Tanja & Birgit – "High Heels in the Neighbourhood" (9 points)
  8. Sandra Nurmsalu – "Soovide puu" (7 points)
  9. Kerli Kivilaan – "Cold Love" (7 points)
  10. Kadiah – "Believe" (6 points)
  11. Synne Valtri – "I'll Do It My Way" (4 points)
  12. xtra basic & Emily J – "Hold Me Close" (0 points)

Victor Crone

Victor is a Swedish singer-songwriter, he started out with music during his high school years and also learned to play the guitar. After school Victor moved to Americs, to Los Angeles and later Nashville where he performed his music under the name Ricky Heart.

In 2015 he took part of Sweden's Melodifestivalen with the song "Burning Man". Leading up to Eesti Laul he spent about 60-70 days in Estonia, every day he tried to learn one word in Estonian as he demonstrated a few sentences he learned during the breaks in the final live show.

His song Storm is about overcoming your struggles, whatever they may be, for example depression, heartbreak etc and he hopes to spread that message as much as he can.

Eesti Laul 2019

Twelve songs competed in both semi-finals where six qualified from each. In the first round of voting the combination score of judges and public voters determined the first four finalists and in the second round scores went to zero and public voted through two more acts. In the final three super finalists were chosen who went into the next round, again the public voted and chose the winner.

Estonia in Eurovision Song Contest

Estonia 2018: Elina Nechayeva - "La Forza"

Estonia has participated in Eurovision Song Contest 24 times by now, first in 1994. Estonia has participated every year, except 1995. Estonia has managed to qualify to the grand final only 6 out of 15 times.

Estonia has won just once, in year 2001 with the song "Everybody" performed by Tanel Padar and Dave Benton and 2XL.

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