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Estonia: Who will win Eesti Laul 2019?

Bookmakers have predicted Victor Crone

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1Victor Crone – "Storm"42%1.81.23
2Uku Suviste – "Pretty Little Liar"22%3.51.51
3Stefan – "Without You"8%101.51
4Inger – "Coming Home"7%108.6
5Kerli Kivilaan – "Cold Love"5%1511
6The Swingers – "High Heels in the Neighbourhood"3%2527
7Sandra Nurmsalu – "Soovide puu"3%302
8Sissi – "Strong"3%305.5
9Synne Valtri – "I'll Do It My Way"3%3017
10xtra basic & Emily J – "Hold Me Close"2%5025
11Kadiah – "Believe"2%5034
12Lumevärv feat. INGA – "Milline päev"1%753.6
verified16 Feb
16 Feb

Did not qualify:

Around the Sun – "Follow Me Back"
Cätlin Mägi & Jaan Pehk – "Parmumäng"
Grete Paia – "Kui isegi kaotan"
Iseloomad – "Kaks miinust"
Jennifer Cohen – "Little Baby El"
Johanna Eendra – "Miks sa teed nii?"
Kaia Tamm – "Wo sind die Katzen?"
Lacy Jay – "Halleluja"
Marko Kaar – "Smile"
Öed – "Öhuloss"
Ranele – "Supernova"
Sofia Rubina-Hunter – "Deep Water"
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