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Latvia: The indie pop band Carousel wins Supernova 2019 – ready for Eurovision

Tonight the Final in Latvia was held, and the Latvians have decided: Carousel wins Supernova 2019 and will represent the Baltic country at Eurovision Song Contest 2019 with the song "That Night"

Tonight's Supernova show was the final show out of three. The public televoters of Latvia and a jury of music professionals chose Carousel to represent Latvia at Eurovision Song Contest 2019 in Tel Aviv with the song That Night.

Latvia 2019: Carousel – "That Night"

Supernova 2019 – Result

  1. Carousel – "That Night"
  2. Markus Riva – "You Make Me So Crazy"
  3. Laime Pilnīga – "Awe"
  4. Double Faced Eels – "Fire"
  5. Dziļi Violets feat. Kozmens – "Tautasdziesma"
  6. Edgars Kreilis – "Cherry Absinthe"
  7. Samanta Tīna – "Cutting the Wire"
  8. Aivo Oskis – "Somebody's Got My Lover"


The indie pop band Carousel was created by Sabine Žuga and Maris Vasilievsky back in 2015.

They are writing their own music, inspired by the music of their favourite authors. They are currently working on an upcoming album.

That Night is written by Sabine Žuga and Maris Vasilievsky, and produced by Aleksandr Volks.

Supernova 2019

Supernova 2019 consisted of three shows: Two Semi-finals and a final.

Each of the two semi-finals featured 8 songs. From each of the semi-finals 4 songs qualified for the final.

The results of the semi-finals and final were determined by a jury and votes from the public.

Latvia in Eurovision Song Contest

Latvia debuted in Eurovision Song Contest in 2000, and since then, the country has participated every year (19 times) in the contest. The best result was in 2002, where Latvia won Eurovision Song Contest with the song "I Wanna" by Marie N.

The last ten years Latvia finished last in their semi-finals four times, and only managed to qualify for the Grand Final two times.

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