Lithuania 2016: Donny Montell

Lithuania: Donny Montell to Stockholm

Tonight the Final of Eurovizijos took place, and it was Donny Montell who ran with the ticket to Stockholm with the song "I've Been Waiting for This Night"

Tonight the 10th show of the Eurovizijos Marathon took place in Lithuania, "Eurovizijos dainų konkurso nacionalinė atranka". Six finalists fought for the honor to represent Lithuania at Eurovision Song Contest 2016 in Stockholm. The winner was decided via a combined 50/50 jury-televote: Donny Montell with the song "I've Been Waiting for This Night".

Eurovizijos – result

  1. Donny Montell – "I've Been Waiting for This Night"
  2. Erica Jennings – "Leading Me Home"
  3. Rūta Ščiogolevaitė – "United"
  4. Ieva Zasimauskaitė – "Life (Not That Beautiful)"
  5. Aistė Pilvelytė – "You Bet"
  6. Ruslanas Kirilkinas – "In My World"

The outcome of the show was decided by Jury and public televoting. There were two juries: A Lithuanian and an International Jury. The Lithuanian jury consisted of six members: Ramūnas Zilnys. Nomeda Kazlaus, Dalia Ibelhauptaitė, Justė Arlauskaitė-Zazzu, Tomas Sinickis and Vaidas Baumila.

Eurovizijos 2016

All the artists are divided into two groups:

  • Group A: Artists without own songs
  • Group B: Artists with own songs

A total of ten shows and one concert will be held:

  • Show 1 (9 January): 8 from Group A – 3 eliminated.
  • Show 2 (16 January): 8 from Group A – 3 eliminated
  • Show 3 (23 January): 12 from Group B – 2 eliminated
  • Show 4 (30 January): 10 from from show 1 & 2 (Group A) – 2 eliminated
  • Show 5 (6 February): 10 from show 3 (Group B) – 2 eliminated
  • Show 6 (13 February): 8 from show 4 (Group A) – 3 eliminated
  • Show 7 (20 February): 8 from show 5 (Group B) – 3 eliminated
  • 27 February: 5 from Show 6 (Group A) & 5 from show 7 (Group B)
  • 5 March: Semi-final
  • 12 March: Final
  • 19 March: Winning Performer's Support Concert

All the shows were hosted by Andrius Rožickas and Gerūta Griniūte.

Lithuania in Eurovision Song Contest

Lithuania 2006: LT United - "We Are The Winners"

Lithuania has been taking part of Eurovision Song Contest 16 times since its debut in 1994.

The debuting year 1994 Lithuania ended last, and the best result is from 2006 where LT United performed the iconic song "We Are The Winners (of Eurovision)". It didn't win though, but went 6th. Since the introduction of the Semi-finals in 2004, Lithuania has been in Eurovision every year, but only qualified for the Grand Final seven times.

With both Estonias victory in 2001 ("Everybody") and Latvias victory in 2002 ("I Wanna"), Lithuania is the only Baltic country that haven't won Eurovision Song Contest.

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