Moldova Etapa Națională 2024 Auditions
Photo: TRM

Moldova: 11 acts selected for Etapa Națională 2024

The 30 entries looking to represent Moldova at Eurovision 2024 have been shortlisted to 11 after the live auditions were held. Listen to the songs and vote in our poll: Who should win Etapa Națională 2024?

We are now one step closer to finding Pasha Parfeni's successor!

Today Moldovan broadcaster TRM held live auditions for the entries looking to make it to the Etapa Națională 2024 Final. The 30 entries were performed in front of a jury panel, who then chose the entries who will move onto the Final next month.

With that, the 30 songs have been shortlisted to 11 remaining entries, all looking to wave the flag for Moldova this year in Malmö. The Etapa Națională 2024 Final will be held on 17 February at TRM Studio 1 in Chișinău.

Etapa Națională 2024 – Auditions

Disqualification Oleg Spînu was disqualified for using backing vocals on the music track for "Jungle"

Moldova in the Eurovision Song Contest

Moldova has participated in the Eurovision Song Contest every year since their debut in 2005.

Their best result was in 2017, when Sunstroke Project finished 3rd with the hit Hey Mamma.

Out of the 18 times we've seen Moldova in Eurovision, they've managed to qualify for 13 Grand Finals.

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