Poland Szansa na Sukces 2020 Semi-final 1 artists
Artists from Semi-final 1

Poland: Here are the artists for Szansa na Sukces 2020

The artists for the three Semi-finals have been revealed by the Polish broadcaster TVP. Each Semi-final will have a special theme, from which the artists will sing songs from

Poland returns with a national selection for Eurovision, following last year's internal selection of Tulia. Instead of "Krajowe Eliminacje", the Polish broadcaster will give another talent show a chance for success: Szansa na Sukces.

The three Semi-finals are currently being recorded, and today all the contestants for Szansa Na Sukces 2020 have been revealed.

Each of the Semi-finals have a theme, from which the artist's cover songs are from: ABBA, Eurovision and The Beatles.

Szansa Na Sukces – Semi-final 1

2 February 2020 – ABBA theme

  1. Patryk Skoczyński
  2. Emilia Sanecka
  3. Julia & Wiktoria Szlachta
  4. Kasia Dereń
  5. Amelia Andryszczyk
  6. Sargis Davtyan
  7. Maja Hyży

Szansa Na Sukces – Semi-final 2

9 February 2020 – Eurovision theme

  1. Damian Kulej
  2. Paulina Czapla
  3. Weronika Curyło
  4. Stashka
  5. Saszan
  6. Alicja Szemplińska
  7. Aleksandra Nykiel

Szansa Na Sukces – Semi-final 3

16 February 2020 – The Beatles theme

  • Albert Černý
  • Basia Gąsienica-Giewont
  • Norbert Legieć
  • Adrian Makar
  • Nick Sinckler
  • Marek Kaliszuk
  • Marzena Ryt

Szansa Na Sukces 2020

TVP has decided to use the talent show Szansa Na Sukces 2020 as national selection for Eurovision Song Contest 2020. The shows have been scheduled on TVP2 on Sundays from 2 February to 23 February 2020, with three recorded Semi-finals and a live Final, all hosted by Artur Orzech:

  • 2 February 2020: Semi-final 1 – ABBA theme
  • 9 February 2020: Semi-final 2 – Eurovision theme
  • 16 February 2020: Semi-final 3 – The Beatles theme
  • 23 February 2020: Final

Each Semi-final will have 7 contestants singing cover songs from the Semi-final's theme. A three-person jury will select a finalist from each of the Semi-finals, with no televoting being used. After the three Semi-finals, the jury have the option to award a wildcard to one artist who did not originally qualify to also advance to the final.

The jury members are:

At the Final on 23 February 2020, the 3 or 4 finalists will each perform a cover and an original song, which will be their Eurovision song.

The Semi-finals will be recorded, while the final will be broadcast live.

Poland in Eurovision Song Contest

Poland 2014: Donatan & Cleo - "My Słowianie - We Are Slavic"

Poland has participated 22 times since 1994 where we saw Poland in Eurovision Song Contest for the first time. The debuting year 1994 was also the most succesfull. Here they finished 2nd, and is the best result for Poland so far. They have only finished in Top-10 in three out of the 22 participations. The worst result is from 2011, where they came last in their Semi-final.

Poland 2014: Donatan & Cleo - "My Słowianie - We Are Slavic"

Since the introductions of Semi-finals in 2004, Poland has qualified for the Grand Final 6 out of 14 times.

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