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Stage design for Eurovision 2024 revealed

The stage design for the Eurovision Song Contest 2024 has been revealed. The stage was designed by Florian Wieder and Fredrik Stormby

The Swedish broadcaster and producer of Eurovision 2024, SVT, has revealed the design of the stage and lighting for the Eurovision Song Contest 2024.

Eurovision 2024 Stage design
Photo: EBU
Eurovision 2024 Stage design
Photo: EBU
Eurovision 2024 Stage design
Photo: EBU
Eurovision 2024 Stage design
Photo: EBU

Malmö Arena will be filled with LED lights in May. The stage will be shaped like a cross and placed in the middle of the audience, creating a 360-degree experience.

The creators of the concept are the Light and Screen Content Designer Fredrik Stormby, and the champion in stage design, Production Designer Florian Wieder.

Ebba Adielsson, Executive Producer, says:

– It is with great pride that we present our vision of the stage and lighting design for the Eurovision Song Contest 2024. We have not seen anything like this before at Eurovision and the concept gives us endless opportunities to create unique spaces and expressions for both the competing artists and the opening and interval acts.

– Florian and Fredrik's creation is simply fantastic and it will be so much fun to see the end result.

Fredrik Stormy, Light and Screen Content Designer, says:

– We believe that together we have created what is an unexpected and updated concept for the Eurovision Song Contest 2024 and are looking forward to showing it off for real! I am honored to have been commissioned to design the light and video in collaboration with the team from our studio, and the production team that SVT has put into place for the project.

– We've developed a strong concept together, and I'm really looking forward to the continued collaboration in production, the creative process with the delegations, and eventually getting my teeth into the show and doing the broadcasts.

Florian Wieder – a champion in stage design

Florian Wieder is the Production Designer. It's not the first time he's gotten into stage design. In his portfolio there are a wide range of stages used for TV productions: Multiple MTV awards, "America's Got Talent," "Britain's Got Talent," the Eurovision Song Contest in Rotterdam in 2021, Tel Aviv in 2019, Lisbon in 2018, Kyiv in 2017, Vienna in 2015, Baku in 2012, and in Düsseldorf in 2011, as well as the Austrian versions of "Star Mania," "Dancing With the Stars," "Heroes of Tomorrow," and "The Big Chance." He's also designed stages for Beyoncé, Jennifer Lopez, and U2!

Florian Wieder says:

– I am so happy to be part of the Eurovision family again! Putting together an exceptional show is a team effort and I'm proud to be part of a dream team of professionals – just the right constellation of people to come up with something different and new. We all have the same vision of what this show should be and how to take Eurovision to the next level, and for me Sweden is always a guarantor of good music and entertainment.

Florian Wieder's seven Eurovision stages

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