Teflon Brothers & Pandora are ready for UMK 2021: "Our goal is to help people better express their emotions"

INTERVIEW The song "I Love You" has one message. "We want to tell everyone that love does not care what language you speak or how you look"

Finland will hold UMK 2021, the national final which determines the next Finnish song for Eurovision on 20 February 2021. The national broadcaster recently released the seven artists and songs that will participate.

Teflon Brothers & Pandora are participating with the song song "I Love You" for UMK 2021. The song is written by Jaakko Salovaara, Axel Ehnström, Mikko Kuoppala, Heikki Kuula, Jani Tuohimaa and Anneli Magnusson.

A collaboration for UMK 2021

Swedish artist Pandora and Finnish group Teflon Brothers have been brewing this song for quite some time but their first encounter together was back in 2016. The idea of a collaboration slowly started from that time.

Participation in the UMK is my way of thanking the Finnish public for their devotion and support.Pandora

Teflon Brothers say about the first meeting with Pandora:

– We met for the first time with Pandora at a common gig in Helsinki, 2016. We were shy, and didn't talk a lot, but we had an idea that someday we would like to do music with Pandora, who seemed to us as very kind and ageless person, who would probably get the deeper level in what we do, and get us as personalities. After a little more than a couple of twists and turns, the dream came true, and we're here with a hit song.

Long-lasting and successful careers

Both Pandora and the Teflon Brothers are renowned names in various countries.

Pandora (Anneli Magnusson) is a pioneer in the Techno and Eurodance music industry. Her break through happened with her single "Trust Me" from 1993, which was the bestselling single at the time. During the 90’s Pandora was extremely popular especially in Finland and she still has a big fanbase in here.

Teflon Brothers is one of the most popular groups in Finland. The group consist of 3 artists: Pyhimys, Heikki Kuula & Voli. Over the span of 10 years Teflon Brothers has created a variety of record-breaking hits and historical streaming success.

Melodifestivalen followers will recognize Pandora's name from her participations in 2003 with "You" and in 2004 with "Runaway" trying to represent Sweden in Eurovision but now she set her eyes to represent Finland instead.

– Yes I participated in Melodifestivalen 2003 and 2004. I’ve been waiting for the right song and timing. In this case I’d say the Collab with Teflon Brothers was the main reasons I said yes to compete for Finland. It took 17 years but now I’m ready!!

"I Love You"

"I Love You" was specifically written for UMK 2021. Pandora continues to explain the reason why UMK.

– I am in UMK 2021 because this time I was asked by The Teflon Brothers. We met quickly at a gig some years ago and I remember it as fun and warm chemistry. I am also career wise ready for a real challenge. Making it to the semi-final in The Masked Singer Finland 2020 was the first step that direction. After more than 25 years touring the world at the same time as the Finnish roads, and the past seven years with my Finnish fiancé by my side. What challenge is both challenging and honourable at the same time? And what gives a better chance to show my love and respect to Finland than compete for you in Eurovision - In particular with a song called I LOVE YOU.

Our mission is to bring people together in joy, celebration and love.Pandora

Pandora continues to say that the song "I Love You" is not just an instantly catchy tune but has a goal, to help people better express their emotions and become more open and courageous. She continues to say that it was very important to her be part of the song writing process because although having many years experience with Finnish culture she is foreigner not speaking the language. Therefore it would be part of learning the importance of showing kindness and respect wherever you are in the world.

Teflon Brothers tell about their mission:

– Our mission is to bring people together in joy, celebration and love. We want to tell everyone that love does not care what language you speak or how you look. It’s all about the power of non-verbal cues or, as Pandora likes to call it, mental interaction.

Teflon Brothers & Pandora - "I Love You"

A competition during a world pandemic

The world has been faced with a pandemic since 2020 but luckily all national finals in that year were over. However 2021 is another story. Almost all of the national selections this year are being held without an audience and artists tend to depend on them to boost the energy of a performance. Will this impact the performance of "I Love You"?

– The biggest audience has always been the television audience, so focusing 100% for the tv cameras can also be a good thing! The performance will be EPIC! We are sure it will really stand out of all the shows. It’s very creative and mind-blowing. After a difficult year we hope people want to send a happy and positive song to represent Finland, with such an unique combo as us! People are going to vote with their hearts and we hope their votes go to us. We are focusing now to build the most memorable stage show ever!

The attention turned to Eurovison itself with Pandora revealing that her favourite entry has to be Loreen with "Euphoria" (Sweden 2012) while the brothers love Kojo with "Nuku pommiin" (Finland 1982), Lordi with "Hard Rock Hallelujah" (Finland 2006) and Paradise Oskar with "Da Da Dam" (Finland 2011).

Both parties have a burning desire to represent Finland in Eurovision for various reasons:

– I see it as a way for me to show my love and appreciation to the Finnish people who’ve been been supporting me for half of my life. Now it’s my chance to give something really nice back by hopefully create history!, says Pandora.

– We’re the Teflon Brothers, and we represent the people of Finland. And what better way to represent your audience than by being crowned the official representative of Finland in the Eurovision Song Contest?

Whilst closing the interview they want to share a message for the readers of Eurovisionworld:

– We want to bring our message of love to all of Europe!

Meanwhile we would like to wish all the UMK 2021 contestants the best of luck. You can listen to all the songs for UMK 2021 on our National Selection page for Uuden Musiikin Kilpailu 2021.

About the author: Steven Spiteri (Malta)

authorSteven has been a huge Eurovision fan since 1995. He comes from a small town called Birkirkara located in Malta and graduated in Business & Administration. Steven follows all the national finals and Eurovision Song Contests every year especially Melodifestivalen and Eesti Laul. He has an endless list of favorites but the all time favorite entry would be Italy's 2016 entry "Nessun grado di separazione" by Francesca Michielin whilst Lisbon 2018 is his favorite Eurovision edition.

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