Eesti Laul 2021:
Alabama Watchdog - "Alabama Watchdog"

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Eesti Laul 2021 - Semi-final 2
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Lyrics: Alabama Watchdog


Alabama Watchdog

Another day is gone, cancelled and done
a voice of a generation begone.
to use up the violence, a mean to silence
the one percent, to please your friends so to look like a hero.

A voice that echoes from west to east
and a plague that runs from east to feast
we've all been duped with a growing lie
and the media won´t let it die

I´m a simple man, wanna see what's wrong from right
But now a day's they label that as "left" or "right".
I've got more questions then ever before
I better pick a side, for the coming war

Get down for the lockdown
"stay sane till it blows out"
I preach those lines, but I won't realise
My soul will thrive in a ghost down

There ain't no girls if they're plugged online,
if they eat those pills and the hormones fly,
reverse or recovery won't come so easily
so who's gonna pay if it wont feel swell?

The rain gets thicker and the lies get bigger,
But the truth will not hide when we see those figures.
Who's gonna lead when priest's play the sinners,
those words will fly as a killer.

I'm a simple man, wanna see what's right for me
and none of that looks as if its right to me
Ive got more questions then ever before
I better pick a ѕide, for the civil wаr.

Artist/group (stage name)Alabama Watchdog
Alabama WatchdogKen Einberg, Sven Seinpere, Taaniel Pogga
TitleAlabama Watchdog
SongwriterKen Einberg

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