Odds Junior Eurovision 2022

Who will win Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2022?
Our experts suggest United Kingdom, Armenia or Netherlands

Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2022 takes place on Sunday 11 December 2022, live from Yerevan, Armenia, with children from 16 countries performing under the slogan "Spin The Magic".

Junior Eurovision is only open for children aged 9 to 14. In most countries it is illegal to place bets on underage events, and this is the reason why no bookmakers offering odds for Junior Eurovision.

We at Eurovisionworld see Junior Eurovision more like a play/game/event for children than a contest, where the main goal is for the children to have fun, and the viewers to be entertained. Even if there were odds on JESC, we would not show them. JESC shouldn't be about competing and money. It should be about children.

Poll: Who wins JESC 2022?

While we can't show you odds for Junior Eurovision 2022, you can still get an idea who the favourites are from all our experts (you!) who have voted in our poll. Listen to all the songs for Junior Eurovision 2022 and cast your vote in our poll for JESC 2022.

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