France 2019: Bilal Hassani
France's Bilal Hassani (Photo: Thomas Hanses / EBU)

Eurovision 2019 Big-5 & Israel: Second rehearsals

Today the rehearsals continued with the 6 pre-qualified countries for Eurovision 2019 – Israel, France, Germany, Italy, Spain and United Kingdom. Watch the videos from the rehearsals here

The pre-qualified countries (Big-5 and Israel) rehearsed for the second time on the Eurovision stage today. Watch the videos (snippet) of the rehearsals from Sunday.

We review all of the pre-qualified songs, and place each song in one of the categories:

2nd rehearsals (20 minutes)

After the 2nd rehearsal each delegation go to the Viewing Room again to see the result. Small adjustments can be made. After this, each delegation will hold a Press Conference, where they will draw in which half of the Grand Final they will perform in.


A 30-second "Exclusive Rehearsal Clip" or TV Footage (as it will look on television) of each of the countries' rehearsals can be seen here when available:

Big-5 & Israel

2nd rehearsals, Sunday 12 May
Kobi Marimi
Top 20Kobi's performance is still classy and elegant. Maybe too theatrical? The fact that it doesn't come with a whole arsenal of effects fits the song. Less is more. The live stage version is more authentic and intense. Kobi's voice and vocal skills are excellent. A fire curtain appears in the end. At this rehearsal he has changed the last note in the end, don't know if this is only to save his voice for the shows. His finishing position will - in our opinion - be around 18-20 place.
Bilal Hassani
Top 10Bilal Hassani keeps surprising us with his skills. Extremely powerfull staging. Emotional performance that writes a story on stage throughout the 3 minutes. Staging is exactly like the first rehearsal which is a good sign because it continues to be impactful. Definitely a top-10. Maybe even top-5
Top 20Energy. Festival. Colors. Entertaining. No changing to his first rehearsal, except sharper camera work. Everything is a bit smoother. Miki must be in excellent shape to run around the stage and singing on the same time. But it is a bit too much? Is the choreography too messy? We believe it will finish in the left side of the scoreboard
Top 10Camera angles and graphics on the floor have been changed. Mahmood has changed his shirt. The back LED's reads "It hurts to be alive. When you loose your pride". Burning money falling down. Mahmood is constantly improvising with the notes. The staging is not focussing enough on Mahmood in our opinion. There are too many distracting things happening, and we fear that the meaning and story of the song is shadowing Mahmood. Overall it is a very strong song, and Mahmood is a very talented singer, that will do well.
Michael Rice
Top 20Michael's second rehearsal gives us several improvements from his first rehearsal on Friday. There is no camera filter in the beginning now. The triangles hanging in the ceiling is coming far down. The smoke is added again when the five backing singers appears. Pyro in the end. Michael is focused and relaxed, but room for improvements in his vocals. We believe UK will end between 15 - 20th place in the Grand Final.
Last 6Almost the same as Carlotta and Laurell's first rehearsal on Friday. Unfortunately. The only thing that is changed is the graphics showing glitter and lights. The staging is disappointing and a bit boring, lacks inspiration. Carlotta and Laurell sings perfectly, but the whole setup needs soul and chemistry. Apart from last year's success, Germany will again be among the lasts :-(

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