Israel 2019: The Next Star 2019 Finalists (Studio)
Shefita, Maya, Kobi & Ketreyah (Photo: Keshet 12)

Israel 2019: Here are the four finalists of "The Next Star"

After the band "Shalva" left the competition and Kobi Marimi returned, the four finalists of Israel's "The Next Star" are finally found

The Israeli national selection show for Eurovision, "The Next Star for Eurovision", is reaching its final stage with four finalists. The winner will represent Israel at Eurovision Song Contest 2019 on home soil.

The Grand Final of "The Next Star" ("HaKochav Haba") will be aired this Tuesday 12 February, on Keshet 12 channel and on its website MAKO, 20:15 CET time.

Qualified for the Final:

  • Maya Bouskila
  • Ketreyah
  • Kobi Marimi
  • Shefita

Maya Bouskila, 41, is well-known singer in Israel, who released her first album in 2004, with great success. Since then, she released 3 more albums. In 2009, she participated on the Israeli edition of the reality show "Big Brother VIP". In recent years she was also film and theater actress. Bouskila was born in Israel to parents of Moroccan-Jewish descent.

Ketreyah, 22, born in Israel, a member of the "African Hebrew Israelites" community based in southern Israel. Before coming to "The Next Star", Ketreyah attended the Israeli edition of the musical tv show "The Four".

Kobi Marimi, 27, studied acting and acted in the Israeli Opera in Tel Aviv. The judges of "The Next Star" described him as the "Israeli Freddie Mercury" because of his looks, uniqueness and the way his combine opera sounds when he sings.

Shefita is the stage name of Rotem Shefi, 35, who perform as a fictional character of an Arab singer from Dubai. She sings mainly in English & Hebrew with an Arabic accent, style and infulence. Rotem Shefi studied music and dubbed a number of animated films. She was born in Israel to parents of Yemenite-Jewish and European-Jewish descent.

Out due to Shabbat – Will guest perform at Eurovision 2019

Originally, the band Shalva, a musical group of people with special needs and disabilities, was qualified for the Final of The Next Star, but this week they decided to withdraw from the competition, as some of its members are religious Jews who observe Shabbat (no deliberate activity and active use of electricity is allowed).

Because of their faith, they cannot attend the dress rehearsals at Eurovision Song Contest, scheduled for Friday and Saturday. .

Because of that, host broadcaster KAN decided to invite Shalva to guest perform in Semi-final 2 of Eurovision Song Contest 2019.

Kobi Marimi – "Sweet Dreams" (Beyonce)
Maya Bouskila - Listen (Beyonce)
Shefita - You Oughta Know (Alanis Morissette)
Ketreyah - Mirrors (Justin Timberlake)

Expected to perform in Eurovision 2019 Semi-Final 2 as a guest: "Shalva"

Shalva - Here Comes The Sun (The Beatles)

Israel in Eurovision Song Contest

Israel 2018: Netta Barzilai - "Toy"

Israel has participated 41 times in Eurovision since debut in 1973. They have won the contest four times:

Israel 2018: Netta Barzilai - "Toy"

Israel has never ended last in the contest! Since the introduction of semi-finals in 2004, Israel qualified for the Grand Final 9 out of 15 times.

About the author: Sagi Klein (Israel)

authorSagi Klein is our correspondent from Israel. Sagi sees Eurovision as a unique platform that brings people together and bridging differences between them, through the amazing power of music.

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