Sweden 2024: Marcus & Martinus
Martinus & Marcus (Photo: SVT / Janne Danielsson)

Marcus & Martinus: "It feels natural to represent Sweden"

INTERVIEW The two twins from Norway have been in the spotlight since they were 12. Competing in Eurovision has been on Marcus & Martinus' bucket list for a while, and this year they'll be able to cross it off as they'll represent Sweden with their song "Unforgettable"

Let's talk about this year's host country or, at least, about their representatives who are actually Norwegian. They are Marcus & Martinus (M&M), twins from Norway who rose to fame after winning their country's Junior Melodi Grand Prix back in 2012 with the song "To dråper vann" ("Two drops of water").

Since then, the twins became massive stars with a big fan base, multiple albums and singles, and are now ready to represent neighbor Sweden in Eurovision at the age of 22.

We met the twins, and started by acknowledging the magnitude of winning Sweden's national selection competition for Eurovision, Melodifestivalen:

– In Sweden you celebrate your birthday, Christmas, and you celebrate Melodifestivalen, Martinus jokes.

– It really is a big thing there, so when we won our heads exploded, we couldn't believe it. It felt surreal.

Melodifestivalen 2023: Marcus & Martinus – "Air"

Last year Marcus & Martinus competed in Sweden's national selection contest for the first time with the song "Air." In the end, Loreen won with "Tattoo," which also ended up taking Europe by storm as was the winner of Eurovision 2023. Losing to the Swedish singer didn't shake the duo, and after just a year they were ready to try again.

It was precisely coming in second that triggered them to return:

– The support from the people made us want to come back, tells Marcus.

– We weren't that far away from Loreen. This year, for example, there was a bigger gap between us and second place, so we knew that the Swedish people were supportive of us.

It was just minutes after Melodifestivalen 2023 that Martinus started his campaign to compete again:

– We were still backstage and Martinus was telling me, "We have to do it again, we have to do it again." I told him, "Slow down, cowboy." But in the end it became clear to both of us that we wanted to do it again. The people who made the song with us were also onboard with that decision.

Hearing that from the Queen of Eurovision herself makes you certain that it's approved.Martinus

If you think about it, it was not really losing when your competitor was Loreen.

– Indeed, it almost felt like winning in a way, Martinus says.

After this year's victory, they spoke with her:

– We did talk. More last year because we were together many times, but we were with her after we won Melodifestivalen and she said she loved our staging, our outfits, everything. Hearing that from the Queen of Eurovision herself makes you certain that it's approved.

From Norway to Sweden

Was Eurovision a career goal to you?

– Yes, it was, like, on our bucket list. We've done a lot of big things, but this feels like next level. It's going to be crazy standing on that stage, Marcus says.

In a recent TikTok video, Alessandra (Norway 2023) met with the duo and joked around with them saying they had betrayed Norway by representing Sweden in Eurovision. Why not take part in Norway's MGP instead?

– It was due to the COVID-19 pandemic that we decided we wanted to start a new chapter. We were stuck in Norway for a while and decided to move to Sweden and start over in Stockholm, Martinus explains.

– We changed labels, we got new managers, and we've been there for three years. We joined "The Masked Singer" and won, did Melodifestivalen twice, and Sweden just has a very special place in our hearts. It feels natural to represent Sweden.

Did you get negative comments from the Norwegian people?

– They were a bit upset last year because it was the first time they saw us do Melodifestivalen, Martinus recalls.

– And, of course, there will always be people who will not accept that we're representing Sweden. But we have explained the situation, and this year when we won Norway's prime minister congratulated us. So, I think we're good.


According to the duo, the staging we've seen for "Unforgettable" at this year's Melodifestivalen will be adapted for the Eurovision stage. Unlike many acts that hope to elevate their song's production, Marcus & Martinus may have to take it down a notch:

– Don't fix what ain't broken, Marcus says.

– At the same time Eurovision has other rules so we will have to change it a bit because the walls are too big, but I think it will still look good.

Sweden 2024: Marcus & Martinus – "Unforgettable"

The plans for the original staging began in November last year, and as a way to get inspired and develop ideas the twins mention the Super Bowl's halftime show:

– We said we wanted it to be big, to look exciting and cool. We don't want anyone going to the toilet when we're on TV, Martinus says.

– We're very proud of the show. It has a club vibe and we're having fun on stage.

During our conversation, the twins interrupted each other multiple times (in a friendly way, of course). This time, when Marcus had his chance to speak after Martinus kept on going, he says:

– I think I forgot what I was going to say.

I look to Martinus:

Look what you've done, this could be my headline for the article!

We laugh, but thankfully Marcus remembers what he was about to say:

– I was going to talk about the show and how we want to make it appealing to everyone, including people in the arena.

– It obviously gives this sort of music video vibe which we do on purpose because it looks good on TV, but we also thought of people who'll be live with us and that's why it opens up towards the end, so people understand that it's a live show, he concludes.

We don't want anyone going to the toilet when we're on TV.Martinus

We've spoken about the staging and its inspiration, what about "Unforgettable"? Marcus & Martinus are co-writers of the song and they're bringing last year's team along again.

– It was actually "Air," Marcus says referring to his Melodifestivalen 2023 entry.

– It was. When we were in Melodifestivalen last year, we got a lot of good reactions to it and therefore it seemed logical to do something with the same vibe but better, Martinus continues.

– Just more Eurovision-like. We wanted something that was a bit more like "I don't give a f***" for the people who were going to play it because when you're in a club you kind of want to feel that way.

Martinus agrees and continues:

– Yes, and Eurovision is a party so we wanted to have that element on when we created this song. It is an upgrade from "Air."

As the conversation goes on, Marcus addresses the criticism from some people who see "Unforgettable" as a basic pop song. We briefly discuss the basicness around pop music and they eventually show me an unreleased track that could've been sent to Melodifestivalen instead of "Unforgettable."

Many people see Eurovision as a space for being different. But at the same time we do pop music, and that is who we are.Marcus

In the end, we conclude that there's nothing wrong with making pop music nor releasing less complex pop songs:

– Many people see Eurovision as a space for being different. But at the same time we do pop music, and that is who we are, Marcus says.

As we a wrap the Eurovision topic, we go on to speak about the new rule of having the Big 5 and the host country perform live in the Semi-finals:

– I love it, we will get to warm up for the Final and get used to the stage as well, Marcus says.

– At the same time, the public gets to see everyone that is going to be competing. I think that's fair.

An upcoming album and tour

Marcus & Martinus have been making music since 2012 when they were just 12. Since then, they've been exposed to the spotlight and fame, a world filled with ups and downs:

– We don't think too much about it, Marcus says. Martinus continues:

– It was normal for us because that was our childhood and our teenage days. We just got used to it. Of course we had to prioritize other things that normal kids probably wouldn't have to, so instead of going home to have fun we'd have to be studying and working day to night. But, you know, it has been an unforgettable...

He laughs:

– Career. We've done so much that many artists won't be able to. Growing up along with your career is crazy and we don't regret it.

What's your agenda like for after Eurovision?

– We will be releasing a new album. It was supposed to come out in April, but we decided to focus on Eurovision and on "Unforgettable," and then release it, Marcus says.

– Right after Eurovision and the album we'll tour through the summer and tour the rest of Europe for the rest of the year until the beginning of 2025.

Marcus & Martinus will perform "Unforgettable" in the first Semi-final of Eurovision 2024. Regardless, they'll only be competing in the Grand Final on 11 May as they're representing the host country, Sweden.

About the author: Pedro Santos (Portugal)

authorPedro comes from Lisbon, Portugal. He's 30 years old and graduated in journalism. He has attended Eurovision Song Contest three times live - 2018, 2019 and 2022 - and covered the show twice more (2021, 2023) but his first Eurovision memory takes him back to 2007 when Sarbel delivered his catchy "Yassou Maria" performance. Pedro's favorite Eurovision song is Albania's 2015 "I'm Alive" by Elhaida Dani which is also his favorite Eurovision edition.

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