North Macedonia: Vasil releases Eurovision 2021 song – Listen to "Here I Stand"

North Macedonia will be represented by Vasil at Eurovision Song Contest 2021 with the song "Here I Stand". Listen to the song here

Vasil was ready to make his debut as a solo artist in Eurovision 2020 but the show got cancelled.

Thankfully, the North Macedonian public broadcaster invited the singer back and his song, "Here I Stand", has just been released.

North Macedonia 2021: Vasil – "Here I Stand"

"Here I Stand" is composed and written by Vasil, Borče Kuzmanovski & Davor Jordanovski.

The song was recorded in Skopje with a live orchestra. The backing vocals are the Chicago Children's Choir, in which Vasil took part during his childhood.

"Here I Stand"

The song was written in the middle of last year's disappointmens without any aim, Vasil says:

– I think it rose out of one of those special and rare moments in life when you are at one with yourself: able to let emotions flow in their purest form without self judgment, freely and sincerely.

– I am deeply honoured that I will have the opportunity to represent Macedonia at Eurovision with a song inspired by my personal journey. They say that every human being carries at least one song within themselves. "Here I Stand" is that song for me. I can hardly wait to perform it for you on the Eurovision stage!


From a child pop star to a member and soloist of the Chicago Children’s Choir to over 50 Opera roles and recitals at eminent music Festival across the world and collaborations with some of the world’s most prolific artists, Vasil’s motto in life is simple – wherever words fail – Vasil sings.

Vasil Garvanliev started his musical journey at age 7, performing at some of the most popular Macedonian children’s festivals. At age 12, together with his family, he moved to the United States where he continued his career as a soloist at the Chicago Children’s Choir.

Educated at some of the world’s most prestigious music schools, including Academia Liricia Italiana in Milan, the University of Toronto Opera School and the Royal Conservatory of Music Glenn Gould in Toronto, Vasil has performed at some of the world’s most respected festivals. Since his return to North Macedonia in 2018, Vasil has released several successful pop songs and has held solo concerts.

North Macedonia in Eurovision Song Contest

North Macedonia 2019: Tamara Todevska - "Proud"

North Macedonia first appeared in Eurovision Song Contest 1998, and has been participating 19 times.

Before 2019 the country was known as FYR Macedonia (Former Yugoslavia Republic of Macedonia).

North Macedonia 2019: Tamara Todevska - "Proud"

North Macedonia hasn't had the greatest results in Eurovision. The best result was in 2019, where Tamara Todevska won the jury voting, and finished 7th overall with the song "Proud". They never came last, but only managed to qualify for the Grand Final 6 times out of 16 since the introductions of semi-finals in 2004. The last 12 years they have only qualified for the Grand Final two times.

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