Norway MGP 2021: Finalists
Photo: Julia Marie Naglestad / NRK

Norway MGP 2021: Listen to the finalists' songs

Norway's Melodi Grand Prix 2021 will have a total of seven shows – Five heats, a "Last Chance" round and a Final. Listen to all the songs of the finalists here

In Norway's Melodi Grand Prix 2021 (MGP) there are six pre-qualified finalists, and another 20 artists fighting to qualify to the Final on 20 February 2021.

The past weeks the songs for the pre-qualified finalists have been released, and the Heats took place.

MGP 2021 – Finalists

MGP 2021 – Finalists' songs

Atle Pettersen – "World on Fire"
Blåsemafian – "Let Loose"
Emmy – "Witch Woods"
Imerika - "I Can't Escape"
Jorn – "Faith Bloody Faith"
Kaja Rode – "Feel Again"
KEiiNO – "Monument"
KiiM – "My Lonely Voice"
Raylee – "Hero"
Rein Alexander – "Eyes Wide Open"
Stavangerkameratene – "Who I Am"
TIX – "Fallen Angel"

Melodi Grand Prix 2021

Melodi Grand Prix 2021 will select the artist and song that will represent Norway at Eurovision Song Contest 2021 in Rotterdam.

There will be a total of seven shows from 16 January to 20 February 2021:

There will be a total of 26 songs in MGP 2021. 12 songs will compete in the final:

  • 6 pre-qualified songs
  • 5 winners from the heats
  • 1 wildcard from the heats

On 15 February 2021, one artist will get the Wildcard in the Last Chance round for the Final of MGP which will be selected in a live broadcast on the radio and at

This year’s grand final will have 12 finalists, instead of the regular ten. Like last year, half of the finalists will be internally selected (pre-qualified) and half chosen through the semi-finals.

All Heats as well as the Final will be broadcasted from the H3 Arena at Fornebu outside of Oslo. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic this will unfortunately take place without any audience.

Norway in Eurovision Song Contest

Norway 2009: Alexander Rybak - "Fairytale"

Since the debut in 1960 Norway has participated 58 times in Eurovision. They have won the competition three times:

Norway 2009: Alexander Rybak - "Fairytale"

In 2009, Alexander Rybak's Fairytale was the song that has received most points with the old voting system: 387 points – got 12 points from 16 countries. But Norway holds another Eurovision record: The country that ended last most times – 10 last places!

Since the introduction of Semi-finals in 2004, Norway has been very succesful with qualification to the Grand Final 13 out of 16 times.

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