Germany: Unser Song für Österreich



Round 1

In the first round, each artist performed one of the two songs they had selected to perform first

Round 2

In the second round, the four artists that qualified from the first round performed their second song.

After the second round, the public voted on the best songs from the first two rounds. The two best qualified for the third round.

Round 3

Andreas Kümmert won Unser Song für Österreich with the song "Heart of Stone".
After his victory, he stated: "I'm not really in the right shape to accept this (...) I just think that she's simply much more qualified and suited." So Andreas Kümmert withdrew, and shortly after the German broadcaster confirmed that Ann Sophie would represent Germany at Eurovision 2015 with "Black Smoke".

Unser Song für Österreich

Date5 March 2015
LocationTUI Arena
HostBarbara Schöneberger
Voting100% televoting

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