Latvia 2016: Supernova Heat 1

Latvia: Results of Supernova Heat 1

All Sundays in February are Supernova Sundays. Tonight ten artists fought for the four tickets for the Semi-final in the Latvian Supernova 2016

The public broadcaster in Latvia, LTV, has picked 20 songs for this year's Supernova. They will compete in two preliminary heats with four songs from each heat to proceed to the Semi-final on 21 February.

Tonight ten songs competed in the first heat, where only four songs qualified to the Semi-final. First the public televoters decided that Justs and Catalepsia will proceed. Secondly the jury selected Marta Grigale and Ivo Grīsniņš-Grīslis to proceed in Supernova.

Supernova 2016 – Heat 1

  1. Paula Dukure – "Look In The Mirror"
  2. ElektroFolk – "Miracle Drums"
  3. Rūta Dūduma – "Being A Friend"
  4. Ivo Grīsniņš-Grīslis – "We Are The Light" (jury)
  5. Sabīne Berezina – "My Inspiration"
  6. Edvards Grieze – "New Day"
  7. Marta Grigale – "Choices" (jury)
  8. Catalepsia – "Damnation" (televote)
  9. Samanta Tīna – "The Love Is Forever"
  10. Justs – "Heartbeat" (televote)

Supernova 2016

All Sundays in February are Supernova Sundays:

  • 7 February 2016: Supernova Heat 1 (10 competitors, 4 qualifiers)
  • 14 February 2016: Supernova Heat 2 (10 competitors, 4 qualifiers)
  • 21 February 2016: Supernova Semi-final (8 competitors, 4 qualifiers)
  • 28 February 2016: Supernova Final (4 competitors, 1 winner)

The qualifiers in the heats and in the semi-final will be determined by an expert jury and by public televoting. First the public televoters chose 2 songs to proceed, second the jury select additional two songs to proceed in Supernova. In the Final it is solely public televoting that decides who the winner is.

The winner of Supernova 2016 will represent Latvia in Eurovision Song Contest 2016 in Stockholm.

The jury consists of:

  • Kaspars Roga – Member of "Brainstorm" (Latvia 2000)
  • Ieva Kerēvica – Singer and vocal teacher
  • Intars Busulis – Singer (Latvia 2009)
  • Guntars Račs – Musician, songwriter and producer

Supernova 2016 is hosted by Ketija Šēnberga and Toms Grēviņš.

Latvia in Eurovision Song Contest

Latvia 2002 | Marie N - "I Wanna"

Latvia appeared in Eurovision Song Contest in 2000, and since the debut, the country has participated every year (16 times) in the contest. The best result was in 2002, where Latvia won Eurovision Song Contest with the song "I Wanna" by Marie N. The last seven years Latvia only managed to qualify for the Grand Final last year (Aminata Savadogo - "Love Injected") - three of the years they went last in their semi-finals!

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