Turkey: Şarkı Yarışması 1979

3. Eurovision Şarkı Yarışması Türkiye Finali

Withdrawal from Eurovision 1979

Turkey withdrew from Eurovision Song Contest 1979 after pressure from Arab countries not to send a song to Eurovision held in Jerusalem, Israel.


Disqualificationİlhan İrem with the song "Bir Yıldız" was disqualified after the semi-final, because it was revealed that the song was released on İrem's album before the contest.

Şarkı Yarışması 1979 – Semi-final

Date22 December 1978
LocationTRT Studios
Voting17 regional juries
Public juries made up of ten people from seventeen provinces connected to the hall by phone and awarded their favorite songs with 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 points. Although it was claimed that there was a tie between the songs "Seviyorum" and "Çağrı", Maria Rita Epik objected to the decision and it became clear that the winning song was "Seviyorum" according to the re-count.

The winner of the national finals was planned to be sent to the 1979 Eurovision Song Contest, and the runner up to the Seoul Song Festival.


Şarkı Yarışması 1979 – Final

Date24 February 1979
LocationAtatürk Kültür Merkezi
HostsElçin Temel
Bülend Özveren
Voting17 regional juries

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