Denmark 2019: Melodi Grand Prix artists
Leeloo, Sigmund, Humørekspressen, Rasmus, Marie, Teit, Simone, Julie & Nina, Jasmin and Leonora (Photo: DR)

Denmark: Here are the 10 artists and songs for Melodi Grand Prix 2019

The 10 artists and songs for the Danish Melodi Grand Prix (MGP) 2019 have been revealed. Listen to the songs and vote in our poll

Who will be this year's Vikings?

The Danish broadcaster Danmarks Radio (DR) has just revealed the 10 artists and songs for Melodi Grand Prix 2019.

Melodi Grand Prix 2019 songs

  1. Simone Emilie – "Anywhere"
  2. Jasmin Gabay – "Kiss Like This"
  3. Rasmus Faartoft – "Hold My Breath"
  4. Marie Isabell – "Dancing with You in My Heart"
  5. Sigmund – "Say My Name"
  6. Humørekspressen – "Dronning af baren"
  7. Julie & Nina – "League of Light"
  8. Teit Samsø – "Step It Up"
  9. Leonora – "Love Is Forever"
  10. Leeloo – "That Vibe"
Simone Emilie – "Anywhere"
Jasmin Gabay – "Kiss Like This"
Rasmus Faartoft – "Hold My Breath"
Marie Isabell – "Dancing with You in My Heart"
Sigmund – "Say My Name"
Humørekspressen – "Dronning af baren"
Julie & Nina – "League of Light"
Teit Samsø – "Step It Up"
Leonora – "Love Is Forever"
Leeloo – "That Vibe"

The national selection in Denmark will take place in Boxen in Herning on 23 February 2019 with 10 competing acts. The 10 songs have been selected by a committee set up by DR.

Among the 31 songwriters for this year's 10 songs, there are some names that maybe ring a bell: Lise Cabble (Denmark 1995, Denmark 2011, Denmark 2013) is co-writer on three songs: "Kiss Like This", "Love Is Forever" and "Step It Up". John Ballard (Azerbaijan 2013, Russia 2014, Russia 2016, Greece 2017, Moldova 2018), is one of the lyricists behind the song "Dancing with You in My Heart". Tim Schou represented Denmark at Eurovision 2011, and is one of the guys behind the song "Hold My Breath".

Melodi Grand Prix 2019 will be held in Boxen in Herning on 23 February 2019. The winner of the show will represent Denmark at Eurovision Song Contest 2019 in Tel Aviv. Hosts are Kristian Gintberg and Johannes Nymark (part of Lighthouse X, Denmark 2016).

Denmark in Eurovision Song Contest

Denmark 1963: Grethe & Jørgen Ingmann - "Dansevise"

Denmark has been participating in Eurovision Song Contest 47 times. Since its debut in 1957, Denmark has won the contest 3 times:

  • 1963: Dansevise
  • 2000: Fly On The Wings Of Love
  • 2013: Only Teardrops

Worst result was in 2002 (last). Since the introduction of the Semi-finals in Eurovision in 2004, Denmark has qualified for the Grand Final 11 out of 15 times.

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