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Malta 2016: Ira Losco

Malta: Ira Losco to Stockholm with "Chameleon"

She came 2nd at Eurovision 2002, now she's back! Tonight Malta decided to send Ira Losco to Eurovision Song Contest 2016 in Stockholm with the song "Chameleon"

In a commercial-packed show from Valletta, Malta, Ira Losco won MESC 2016, with the song "Chameleon", and will represent Malta at Eurovision Song Contest 2016 in Stockholm.

Ira Losco represented Malta at Eurovision 2002 with the song "7th Wonder", where she finished 2nd!

Ira Losco - Chameleon (song starts at 00:45)

It is not sure that she will perform "Chameleon" in Stockholm. The Maltese broadcaster has the right to change the song, but not the artist!

14 songs competed in the final, and the winner was decided by five judges, and public televoting represented the vote of a sixth judge. 3 judges plus televoters gave Ira 12 points, 2 judges gave her 10 points.

The show started with the winner of Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2016, Destiny Chukunyere, singing her winning song " Not My Soul", and then the 14 songs were performed with 400 commercials between the songs. The interval act was last year's winner Amber singing some songs from her upcoming album.

MESC 2016 results

  1. Ira Losco – "Chameleon" (68 points)
  2. Brooke – "Golden" (58 points)
  3. Franklin – "Little Love" (44 points)
  4. Christabelle – "Kingdom" (38 points)
  5. Maxine Pace – "Young Love" (36 points)
  6. Jasmine Abela – "Alive" (26 points)
  7. Jessika – "The Flame" (19 points)
  8. Corazon – "Falling Glass" (15 points)
  9. Raquel Galdes – "Flashing Lights" (12 points)
  10. Kimberly Cortis – "Lighthouse" (10 points)
  11. Deborah C – "All around the world" (8 points)
  12. Lawrence Gray – "You're Beautiful" (7 points)
  13. Dominic – "Fire Burn" (5 points)
  14. Daniel Testa – "Under The Sun" (2 points)

Ira Losco

Ira Losco (34) is from Sliema, Malta, and she is one of the most successful female singers in her home country. She participated at Eurovision Song Contest back in 2002 with the song "7th Wonder", where she finished second. Since 1998 she has released several albums and singles and received more than 20 music awards.

Follow Ira:
Twitter: @iralosco

MESC 2016

  • 22 January 2016, 20:45: MESC 2016 Semi-final
  • 23 January 2016, 20:45: MESC 2016 Final

153 songs were initially received by the Maltese broadcaster TVM. They selected 49 songs for the next stage, and then 20 songs proceeded to the Semi-final. Here 14 songs advanced to the Final.

The two shows were hosted by Ben Camille.

  • Twenty songs were announced in November 2015. The semi-finalists performed live with backing vocals in the Contest. The panel of judges was made up of five judges. Televoting represented the vote of a sixth judge
  • Fourteen songs qualified for the Final. The panel of judges was made up of five judges. Televoting represented the vote of a sixth judge
  • The winning Artist will be eligible to represent Malta in the forthcoming edition of the Eurovision Song Contest to be held in Sweden in May 2016
Malta 2002: Ira Losco - "7th Wonder"

Malta in Eurovision Song Contest

Malta debuted in Eurovision back in 1971 and has been in the contest 28 times since - without a victory. Best result is two runner-up's in 2002 (Ira Losco - "7th Wonder") and 2005 (Chiara - "Angel"). The worst results are the first two years, 1971 and 1972, where they finished last.

Since the introduction of Semi-finals in 2004 Malta qualified for the Grand Final 7 out of 12 times.

Malta won Junior Eurovision 2013 and 2015

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