Eurovision 2021 Rafał Poland First Rehearsal
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Poland: Delegation member tested positive for COVID-19

The lead singer Rafał Brzozowski and the whole delegation from Poland is now in quarantine and will undergo a PCR test


UPDATE 18 May, 14:18 CEST

The member of the Polish delegation who tested positive for COVID 19 remains in isolation. The rest of the delegation have all returned negative PCR tests.

As a further precautionary measure, the Polish delegation will be tested again prior to the Dress Rehearsal on Wednesday, and again on Thursday before Semi Final 2.

UPDATE 17 May, 12:35 CEST

Following the positive COVID-19 test in the Polish delegation on Saturday 15 May all other members of the delegation undertook a PCR test, in accordance with the health and safety protocol of the Eurovision Song Contest 2021.

All these PCR tests returned negative results.

As a precaution the Polish delegation will remain in quarantine until being retested ahead of dress rehearsals for Semi Final 2, in which Poland perform, on Wednesday.


During a routine test upon arrival at the Eurovision Song Contest arena on Saturday 15 May, a member of the Polish delegation tested positive for COVID-19.

They had last been at the venue on Thursday when the whole delegation were in possession of a negative COVID-19 test.

In accordance with our health and safety protocol this person has now gone into isolation.

As a precautionary measure in the run up to show week the other members of their delegation will now undergo a PCR test and go into quarantine. As a result of this, the Polish delegation will not attend the Turquoise Carpet event in person on Sunday 16 May.

We will have further updates in due course and send our best wishes to the whole delegation.

The Eurovision Song Contest 2021 is taking place this year with the full support and assistance of the Dutch authorities.

Our primary objective is to produce a fully COVID 19 safe event, and the health and welfare of all those taking part, working at the event or in the audience is our most important priority.

A range of strict measures, including isolation, social distancing and regular testing have been imposed on everyone on the advice of health professionals to ensure everyone’s safety.

We are deeply grateful for the support of the authorities in this, and to all the delegations, crew, venue staff and contractors for their willing co-operation to make sure the Contest can take place.

What will happen now?

Rafał and the whole Polish delegation will now undergo a PCR test and go into quarantine. If they are unable to perform next week Poland can choose between two options for their song:

  • Back-up recording from the 2nd rehearsals
  • "Live-on-tape" recorded performance

We wish the whole delegation good health and best wishes.

Poland 2021: Rafał – "The Ride"
Poland 2021: Second rehearsal (snippet)

Poland in Eurovision Song Contest

Poland 2016: Michał Szpak - "Color of Your Life"

Poland has participated 22 times since 1994 where we saw Poland in Eurovision Song Contest for the first time. The debuting year 1994 was also the most succesfull. Here they finished 2nd, and is the best result for Poland so far. They have only finished in Top-10 in three out of the 22 participations. The worst result is from 2011, where they came last in their Semi-final.

Poland 2016: Michał Szpak - "Color of Your Life"

Since the introductions of Semi-finals in 2004, Poland has qualified for the Grand Final 6 out of 14 times.

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