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Switzerland: Marius Bear selected for Eurovision 2022

Marius Bear has been internally selected to represent Switzerland at Eurovision Song Contest 2022 in Turin with the song "Boys Do Cry". Listen to the song here

After the last couple of year's very good places at Eurovision Song Contest (2019: 4th, 2021: 3rd), the Swiss broadcasters decided to maintain the internal selection for Eurovision once again.

The chosen artist and song was selected by a panel of 100 Swiss viewers and an international jury, which included 20 experts. The two panels selected Marius Bear to take the responsibility of representing Switzerland at Eurovision Song Contest 2022 in Turin with the song "Boys Do Cry".

Switzerland 2022: Marius Bear – "Boys Do Cry"

The song is written by Marius Bear and Martin Gallop.

How was "Boys Do Cry" chosen?

The 20 people in the international jury who partly decided "Boys Do Cry" have proven their "Eurovision Song Contest expertise" as member of one of the national juries.

The selection and decision process went through a multi-stage process where each part of the panels rated the submitted songs and artists. Alike the actual Eurovision show, the audience panel's vote was worth 50% while the jury panel another 50%.

The 2022 project will – similarly to last year's – be a joint of forces of the members of the Swiss Broadcasting Corporation SRG SSR: SRF (German language), RTS (French language), RSI (Italian language) and RTR (Romansh language).

Marius Bear

Marius Hügli, 28, is a singer-songwriter from Enggenhütten, Schlatt-Haslen, Switzerland.

He is educated as a machinery mechanics, but is now 100% dedicated to his music career. He plays the guitar, and has been studying music production at the British and Irish Modern Music Institute (BIMM) in London in 2017.

Marius released his debut album "Sanity" in 2018, including the single "Remember Me".

In 2019, he released his second album "Not Loud Enough", and won a Swiss Music Award for Best Talent.

In 2020, Marius released a cover of Whitney Houston's "I Wanna Dance with Somebody (Who Loves Me)", which currently has over 3.4 million streams on Spotify.

Switzerland in Eurovision Song Contest

Switzerland 1956: Lys Assia - "Refrain"

Switzerland has been in Eurovision Song Contest since it's beginning in 1956 - in Switzerland. And the winner of the very first Eurovision Song Contest was... Lys Assia from Switzerland with the song "Refrain". Since then, Switzerland won the 1988-contest by an, back then, unknown girl, Céline Dion with the song "Ne Partez Pas Sans Moi" (only ONE point to number two, United Kingdom). A Star was born.

Switzerland 1956: Lys Assia - "Refrain"

Since then, Switzerland hasn't had huge succes in Eurovision. Since the introduction of Semi-finals in 2004, Switzerland only managed to qualify for the Grand Final 6 out of 17 tries. Switzerland is a proud member of "Club Null", with four contests without any points.

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