Belgium Eurosong 2016 contestants

Belgium: Eurosong 2016 kicked off

Sunday evening Eurosong 2016 kicked off in Belgium with the first of three shows. The five contestants sang a cover version of a well-known Eurovision song. Watch the performances here

Sunday evening Eurosong 2016 official kicked off in Belgium. During the first live show the five contestants, Astrid Destuyver, Amaryllis Uiterlinden, Adil Araab, Laura Tesoro and Tom Frantzis performed their own cover version of a well-known Eurovision song, to show their singing skills, stage presence and personality.

All the contestants also sang the winning song " Heroes" from Eurovision 2015.

No one was voted out in the first show, but all the contestants received feedback from Stijn Kolacny and Alexander Rybak.

Cover songs

Astrid Destuyver – "Everyway That I Can" (Turkey 2003)
Laura Tesoro – "Düm Tek Tek" (Turkey 2009)
Adil Araab – "Hold me now" (Ireland 1987)
Tom Frantzis – "Rhythm Inside" (Belgium 2015)
Amaryllis Uiterlinden – "Euphoria" (Sweden 2012)
All contestants – "Heroes" (Sweden 2015)

Astrid Destuyver – "Everyway That I Can" (Turkey 2003)
Amaryllis Uiterlinden – "Euphoria" (Sweden 2012)
Adil Araab – "Hold me now" (Ireland 1987)
Laura Tesoro – "Düm Tek Tek" ( Turkey 2009)
Tom Frantzis – "Rhythm Inside" ( Belgium 2015)

Eurosong 2016

  • 3 January 2016: Introduction of the five contestants and their vocal talent. Contestants perform a cover of an existing Eurovision song
  • 10 January 2016: Presentation of each contestants song for Stockholm
  • 17 January 2016: Eurosong 2016

The three shows will be hosted by Peter Van de Veire. The members of the jury are:

- Stijn Kolacny (choir leader)
- Alexander Rybak (Norway - Eurovision 2009)
- Tom Helsen (singer and songwriter)
- Beverly Jo Scott (singer and songwriter)
- Hadise (Turkey - Eurovision 2009)
- Christer Björkman (Sweden - Eurovision 1992, head of delegation)

Belgium in Eurovision Song Contest

Belgium has been participating 57 times in Eurovision since the beginning in 1956. They won the contest in 1986 (Sandra Kim - "J'aime La Vie"), but finished last 8 times (two of them with Zero Points). Since the introductions of the Semi-finals in 2004 Belgium only qualified for the Grand Final 4 out of 12 times (In 2010 they came first in Semi-final 1).

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