Ukraine 2018: First rehearsal
Mélovin from Ukraine at his first rehearsal (Photo: Andres Putting/EBU)

Eurovision 2018 Semi-final 2: First rehearsals

The rehearsals in Lisbon continued today with the second half of Semi-final 2 on the Eurovision stage for the first time. Watch a snippet of the rehearsals here

The last couple of days the 18 participants from Semi-final 2 rehearsed for the first time on the Eurovision Stage. Watch the videos (snippet) of the rehearsals from Tuesday and Wednesday.

1st rehearsals (30 minutes)

Before the 1st rehearsal each country gets instructions on safety, the dressing room area is presented, and there will be an In-Ear Monitoring Rehearsal backstage.

After the 1st rehearsal each delegation go to the Viewing Room, to see the recording of the rehearsal. Here any changes on visuals, camera work, choreography, etc. will be discussed. After this, there will be a makeup consultation, and the Press Meet & Greet takes place.

Semi-final 2 (1st half)

1st rehearsals, Tuesday 1 May
The former Eurovision winner from 2009, Alexander Rybak, is the first artist at the second semi-final. The staging is almost the same as when he won the Norwegian Melodi Grand Prix two months ago. He even wears the same clothes. Beside Alexander, there are four dancers/backings on stage, accompanied by pyros
The Humans
The Humans has Christina in front. She is on stage with lots of masked mannequins and the rest of the band: guitars, drums, piano, cello. The song is divided into two parts: The slow and the chorus, where the song comes alive - and so does the mannequins
Sanja Ilić & Balkanika
Sanja Ilić & Balkanika brings the ethnic sound into this semi-final. The six on stage are the flautist,, a percussionist and the four of the group's vocalists. The song starts with the flautist, shifting focus to the singers. The overall staging is very simple and discreet. And very blue. Keeping focus on the song
Jessika feat. Jenifer Brening
Jessika, the rapper Jeni B, some dancers, backing singers and four robots sing "Who We Are". The main attraction in the staging is the Toy Story like robots. That is new. I'm not your robot
The vikings are back just like in the Danish Melodi Grand Prix, which Rasmussen won in February. Two huge sails. Four backings. Dark/blue/beard/fists. He has changed some of his fellow vikings, but that is the only changes from his performance in Melodi Grand Prix. And then the snow: In Denmark it was a storm. In Lisbon it is like Christmas
Julia Samoylova
Julia Samoylova sits on top of an iceberg singing while two ballet dancers are in front performing. Beautiful. Three backing singers support Julia in the difficult chorus: I won't break! It must take some time to get the iceberg with Julia on stage. Lets hope it won't break
What a setup. My Lucky Day is funny – very creative – a bit weird – a bit confusing – a bit amazing – very catchy. The six artists in DoReDos are playing with doors. They play around a wall filled with doors that constantly open and close – in different combinations. The press centre laughed a lot. You actually forget the song, because so much fun is happening on stage
Country Music! The Copenhagen 2014 melodic man has been transferred into a cowboy! Waylon has a four-person band on stage, that clearly fake it on their instruments. Just passive in the background. Until they break out from their monotome moves into energetic dancers – very energetic
Jessica Mauboy
The dress of the year! Jessica Mauboy got love, and shows it. She is the only one on stage, in front of LED ribs. She is wearing a shiny metal dress, singing beautifully, dances... And then fireworks. Quality. We Got Love

Semi-final 2 (2nd half)

1st rehearsals, Wednesday 2 May
Ethno-Jazz Band Iriao
Simplicity. The Ethno-Jazz Band Iriao fills the stage with smoke, and does not move a lot. The three singers in the middle, and bass and keyboard on each side. The camera shifts between the five guys, while light rigs in the background is waving up and down. The song is in focus. This is what's important
Gromee feat. Lukas Meijer
Lukas Meijer is in front while DJ Gromee is behind a DJ mixer stand. It looks like he is mixing the song on stage (but he's not). Remember JOWST from Norway last year? 3 backing singers and a guitar player. Classic Eurovision. Some pyro. Lukas walks out on the catwalk in the end
Let's break the taboo! Christabelle introduces projection screens in this semi-final. In the beginning she is singing and dancing in between the four screens. She moves in front of the screens, while a dancer takes her place between the screens. The screens have various projections on them: A panther, a female diver, demonstrators, eye, colors, patterns. It ends up with pyro. Strong message
Hard Rock Hallelujah! AWS deliver this year's Eurovision metal, including head banging and even stage diving! Get ready to get sweaty. Especially the first 10 rows in the audience with LOTS of fire and pyro
Laura Rizzotto
Lady in Red. Just like in the Latvian national selection Supernova, the theme is: red. The choreography and her moves have not changed much since Supernova. Why change a perfect recipe? Laura is not just a funny girl. She is an amazing singer with high quality and talent
Benjamin Ingrosso
If you saw Melodifestivalen this year, then you don't have to see Benjamin Ingrosso's performance at Eurovision. It's exactly the same. Same LED ribs in the background. Same colors. Same moves. The only thing that differs is the backing vocals (that you only hear). Again: Why change a perfect recipe?
Vanja Radovanović
Balkan ballad: Inje. The Montevizija winner Vanja is on the stage together with a pianist at a white piano and four backings/dancers dressed in white. Not much is happening, and that is perfectly okay. If you are into Balkan ballads, you will definitely like this one. The song brings memories of Knez' Adio in Vienna 2015
Lea Sirk
Hvala, ne! EMA winner Lea Sirk has a surprise for you. Spoiler: In the middle of the song, the music stops, and it really looks like a technical problem. Everyone hold their breaths. What now? She asks the audience to help her singing the rest of the song – and the music of course comes back. Great effect. The last two sentences are sung in Portuguese language: "Thanks, but no!"
Be ready for this year's theatrical entry: The song starts with Mélovin laying in a coffin, which in fact is a piano. The piano is high over the ground. He rises from the coffin and walks down stairs to the stage. Look at his left eye! He goes up the stairs again, sits at the piano and starts playing. The stairs burst into flames!

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