Lithuania Eurovizija.LT Heat 4
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Lithuania: Il Senso and Monika Marija to Eurovizija.LT 2024 Final

Heat 4 has drawn to a close! Il Senso and Monika Marija will join the list competing in the Eurovizija.LT 2024 Final. Next week the final heat takes place and then we'll know the full Eurovizija.LT 2024 lineup

Heat 4 of Lithuania's Eurovision selection process Eurovizija.LT 2024 has taken place, and with that two more artists join the first six selected in the previous heats to take part in the Final.

After eight acts gave it their all, two stood out and will be one step closer to possibly representing Lithuania at Eurovision this May. Il Senso with Time and Monika Marija with Unlove You Starting Tomorrow will be advancing to the Eurovizija.LT Final which will be held on 17 February.

Eurovizija.LT – Heat 4

Heat 4 was pre-recorded on 23 January in LRT's Studio.The jury panel members for this heat consisted of former Eurovision commentator Darius Užkuraitis, music reviewer Ramūnas Zilnys, composer Vytautas Bikus, and singer-songwriters Giedrė Kilčiauskienė and Ieva Narkutė.

Voting to determine who advances to the Final was made up of 50% jury panel and 50% public vote.


Lithuania's Eurovision broadcaster announced a new national selection competition for the country: Eurovizija.LT. The show consist of five heats and a final round where a winner will be announced as Lithuania's representative for Eurovision 2024.

All six shows are being hosted by TV hosts Gabrielė Martirosian and Nombeko Augustė Khotseng, and will be held in LRT's studios in Vilnius, except for the Final, which will be held in the Švyturys Arena in Klaipėda.

All five heats are pre-recorded and use a 50% jury/50% public vote to determine who moves onto the Final. The dates for all six shows are as follows:

  • 13 January 2024: Heat 1
  • 20 January 2024: Heat 2
  • 27 January 2024: Heat 3
  • 3 February 2024: Heat 4
  • 10 February 2024: Heat 5
  • 17 February 2024: Final

Lithuania in the Eurovision Song Contest

Lithuania has taken part in the Eurovision Song Contest 23 times since its debut in 1994.

Lithuania 2021: The Roop - "Discoteque"

In their debut year, 1994, Lithuania finished last. Their best result is from 2006, when LT United performed the iconic song "We Are The Winners (of Eurovision)." Although they didn't win, they finished 6th.

Since the introduction of the Semi-finals in 2004, Lithuania has been in Eurovision every year, and qualified for the Grand Final 12 out of 19 times.

Lithuania 2021: The Roop - "Discoteque"

With Estonia's victory in 2001 (Everybody) and Latvia's victory in 2002 (I Wanna), Lithuania is the only Baltic country that hasn't won the Eurovision Song Contest.

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