Eurovision 2019: Cyprus First Rehearsal
First rehearsal: Tamta from Cyprus (Photo: Andres Putting / EBU)

Eurovision 2019 Semi-final 1: First rehearsals

The rehearsals for Eurovision 2019 in Tel Aviv have started. Today the second half of Semi-final 1 had their first rehearsals on the Eurovision stage. Watch a snippet of the rehearsals here

Today the last 8 participants from Semi-final 1 rehearsed on the Eurovision Stage for the first time. Follow the rehearsals from Saturday and Sunday, and watch the videos (snippets) from Tel Aviv.

1st rehearsals (30 minutes)

Before the 1st rehearsal each country gets instructions on safety, the dressing room area is presented, and there will be an In-Ear Monitoring Rehearsal backstage.

After the 1st rehearsal each delegation go to the Viewing Room, to see the recording of the rehearsal. Here any changes on visuals, camera work, choreography, etc. will be discussed. After this, there will be a makeup consultation, and the Press Meet & Greet takes place.

Semi-final 1 (1st half)

1st rehearsals, Saturday 4 May
Tamta is the first to step on the Eurovision 2019 stage. Her performance starts with the stage lighting turned off and lights up quickly a few times, while the camera focuses on Tamta. After ~30 seconds, four dancers joins Tamta on stage, wearing all black clothes with black hats. Camera changes every few seconds, but the camera frame stays focused mainly on Tamta and the dancers together. She wears small black leather-looking and shiny jacket, that the dancers removes from her towards the end of the song. Then we get to see her in a very revealing and shiny outfit. She finish the song by turning her back in a dramatic way.
Lake Malawi starts their performance with the camera focuses on the lead singer, with small snipttes on the drummer. 3 large metal-looking frames are located on stage, where every member of the band is standing inside a different frame. Then we see black background, and every frame gets color-filled and they frames are being duplicated on screen, to different screen locations and slighly different sizes. during the the song the lead singer sitting on the stage with his knees and dances by himself. Towards to the end, the lead singer claps with crowd saying "Hello Eurovision!" / "Lake Malawi! Czech Republic!" with the videoart on the screens behind him shows a red-yellow video with words "Friend" in different languages.
Darude feat. Sebastian Rejman
Darude is on a DJ station located on the side of the stage. He stays their during all the performance. Lead singer, Sebastian Rejman, walks on the stage's catwalk, while DJ Darude is in the DJ station on the background and a female dancer with a green dress dances on white podium, located on the main stage. The backing singers are backstage. Then the lights on the dancer turns off and we see a pre-recorded video of the dancer, on the videoart screens, swimming in the water. Then she returns to dance on stage. The camera switches between the lead singer and dancer, while DJ Darude is being shown a few seconds in between.
Four members of the band standing in the center of stage in a small circle, on a rotating black round podium, each facing different direction towards outside the circle. They all wear tranditional red cloting (with red, yellow and blue striped dresses), along with red veil on their faces. the red veil is taken off a few seconds later, to reveal some kind of golden crowns. They are standing in the middle of the stage during all of their performance, sometimes clapping and slightly dancing, while videoart of them singing is being shown on the screens behind them.
Zala Kralj & Gašper Šantl
Both singers are standing in the middle of the stage, facing each other. Zala is singing while looking at Gašper and staring in his eyes, as he plays the guitar and the keyboards from time to time. The camera is dancing around them in a circle. Background videoart includes animations of space/galaxy.
D mol
All six in white suits. One of the female singers is walking on catwalk from the side. Camera moves to a male singer and then all members of the band is being grouped together in the center of the stage, in a circle. The camera travel around them in a circle. At some point, the camera is filming them from ceiling and they all put their hands on each other and rallying while they stand in circle. Then they all line up on a row, singing together till the end, slightly dancing. Vocals are perfect, problems with camera angles.
Joci Pápai
Joci is barefoot, sitting on a black box . Camera angle starts from his back slowly coming to the front. The stage lighting is colored yellow-gold with black & white faces of fathers are being shown on the screens behind him. The song ends with a pyro curtain, Emmelie de Forest-style.
Zena sings while sitting on a box, with two male dancers behind her. more boxes are placed on the stage. later on they move her, while she sits on the box. at some point they get up and dance together. towards the end, two female joins them for a short period.
Nevena Božović
Nevena sings with a black dress and metallaic necklace and accessories. The stage under her lights up with blueish vortex, then videoart of the stage changes to borken glass / crystals. staging with no dancers or pyro. videoart toward the end shows goldish vortex animation on the screens behind her. She stays in her spot during all of her performance, without moving too much.

Semi-final 1 (2nd half)

1st rehearsals, Sunday 5 May
Lead singer Eliot is on the center of the stage with 2 drummers (female and male), alongside 2 large wooden drums. They all wear black black nylon clothing with large red symbols on them (like Thumbs Up icon). Lighting is red colored with videoart on the back showing animations of stripes, sometimes red and sometimes blue/white.
Oto Nemsadze
A red heart beating is what welcomes this performance joined by a nice collection of LED plans in blue and red tones. Oto is in the middle of the stage and tends to walk front and back in between. He's also joined by five backvocalists who - like him - are all in black. The blue colors give place to onscreen flames by the end of the performance and he is joined in the center by the backvocalists. The performance wraps up with several shots of smokes and real fire.
Kate Miller-Heidke
Eye-catching. No one will take their eyes away from the screen once Kate gets on stage as she clearly doesn't look like she's in one. She's on top of the world while floating with two backvocalists. Miller-Heidke is wearing a long shiny silver dress and a similar crown to what she wore in Australia Decides. As for the backvocalists, they're wearing long dark blue dresses. If all the scenario wasn't enough, by the end the three ladies start flying from one side to the other while Kate's vocals remain impeccable - impactful at the very least.
Fireworks set the begin of this performance but it doesn't take away your attention from the rest of the action on stage which is a lot. The six members are all in it and wearing a mix of white and black outfits with several BDSM references. The stage is also filled with a huge globe shaped cage where the masked member is continuously using a whip in it. The performance also features chains, fire, a red environment and death drops from the male dancer.
Victor Crone
A guitar and Victor Crone are together on stage during the beginning of the performance. Other than that, Crone is all by himself. The LED screens are filled with orange and yellow tones (and obviously clips of what seems to be a storm) while the Swedish singer standing in the middle. Right after the first chorus, Victor moves towards the stage and turns his back on the audience for the second pre-chorus. He is wearing a leather jacket, a white shirt and black pants. His rehearsal took longer than usual as he had to record a few "green screen" moments that will be appearing before the final chorus where Victor will be standing where he started and joined by his guitar.
Conan Osíris
What will be Conan Osiris wearing? Well, a huge green outfit with several layers. His dancer - João Reis - is using a quite similar outfit. The duo will be presenting an identical performance to what they did in Festival da Canção, except of the stairs are now bigger. As for the background, it is flled with multiple red and black tones including images of a rose. The mix of red and green may obviously be a homage to the Portuguese flag.
Katerine Duska
Katerine's performance is colored with purple lighting, and it starts when stands on a pinkish standing podium. Large lotus florwer is being shown on the screen behind her and on the stage floor. Backvocalists play a major role in her singing. On stage, we can see 3 yellow-dressed dancers and two other dancers wearing white clothing - holding swords. At some point, one of dancers holds a very large white ball, which she throws to the audience. Duska her is wearing white vintage dress with silver touches. towards the end, the pinkish podium reveals a wall of flowers.
Serhat is standing on white podium for the most part, with textual videoart displaying related words, and the name of the song.
At some point, the screen behind him includes a purple frame while Serhat is singing. On stange with him, we see five dancers. Serhat, including all of his dancers wear white suits. Towards the end of the song, dancers hold yellow megaphones.

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