Azerbaijan 2019: Chingiz
Chingiz from Azerbaijan (Photo: Thomas Hanses / EBU)

Eurovision 2019 Semi-final 2: Second rehearsals

Today the rehearsals continued with the last 9 contestants from Semi-final 2 having their second rehearsals in Tel Aviv. Watch the videos from the rehearsals here

The first 9 countries from Semi-final 2 had their second rehearsals yesterday. Today the last 9 countries from Semi-final 2 went on the Eurovision stage for their second rehearsals.

We review all the second rehearsals, and give our opinions if each song will qualify or not.

2nd rehearsals (20 minutes)

After the 2nd rehearsal each delegation go to the Viewing Room again to see the result. Small adjustments can be made. After this, each delegation will hold a Press Conference.


A 30-second "Exclusive Rehearsal Clip" or TV Footage (as it will look on television) of each of the countries' rehearsals can be seen here when available:

Semi-final 2 (first half)

2nd rehearsals, Friday 10 May
Will qualifySrbuk has a new outfit and hairdo that highly resembles the official music video’s look. Nonetheless, it doesn’t really matter what she’ll wear as this is surely qualifying, mostly due to the powerful performance, amazing pyro and flawless vocals.
Sarah McTernan
Will not qualifyAlthough Sarah's performance is very colorful, we are not sure if she will qualify for the Final, with her being the second performance on the show and compared to other strong songs in this Semi-final. For some, her performance might precevied as too sweet and girly. We believe Ireland will struggle this time around.
Anna Odobescu
Will not qualifyWe had a difficult time connecting with Anna's performance. The addition of a sand drawing artist didn't help much and has been done - which may not be important for a casual viewer. With regards to other acts and the low intrest of the song that ends up sounding dated, we think she might not make it to the Final.
Luca Hänni
Will qualifySwitzerland has struggled to qualify over the years but with Luca's performance energetic performance, hype and catchy song we feel his place in the Grand Final is secured even though his qualification isn’t as obvious as Eleni Foureira’s - who delivered a similar song sonically - was.
Will not qualifyAfter Luca's uplifting performance, Carousel's performance feels a bit too relaxed. They had hard time grabbing our attention with such a calm and soft song alongside with a rather simple staging. We can now guess that this will not qualify for the Final.
Ester Peony
May qualifyWe are going with a yes for now. There is a whole segment of pyro and a total concept attached to it. As if it wasn’t enough, the song is catchy, uptempo and mysterious at the same time. Let’s not forget that this is Romania who only failed one qualification so far.
May qualifyLeonora is cute. A nice break from the uptempo songs, but it is not so interesting or appealing. The huge chair will be in people’s minds when all has been said and done. Its cute appearance may as well get Denmark some votes too. We’ll wait for more rehearsals!
John Lundvik
Will qualifyNot only a for sure qualifier but a possible winning performance. John is a very good singer and performer. He is comfortable, charming, and happy with a beautiful designed stage that looks amazing live. The live choir "The Mamas" alongside the Swedish singer elevates the song even higher.
Will qualifyAustria’s PAENDA delivers one of the most intimate performances of this Eurovision edition. Her vocals sound phenomenal and she even adds this twist in the song's bridge that elevates it. The performance is special and she portrays a lot of emotions. Nonetheless, this semi-final is not easy.

Semi-final 2 (last half)

2nd rehearsals, Saturday 11 May
Will not qualifyDespite the powerful staging, the elaborated and heavenly LED effects, the eye-catching golden wings, two flying angels and even Roko's powerful vocals, it is unlikely Croatia will make it through. Especially if we take in consideration the semi-final contestants we're about to see.
Will qualifyWe were sure she was going to qualify but not anymore. Malta lost the LED walls and performed in the main stage. Michela's look also changed and didn't benefit her overall comfort on stage. The dancing needs improvement and she seems a bit lost with this new staging. Nonetheless, the song's still got potential and she still has time.
Jurij Veklenko
Will not qualifyThe simplicity of the song and of the performance makes us think it's very unlikely to see Lithuania in the finals. There is not a huge momentum in the song nor in the performance so it'll be hard for it to standout, even with Jurijius beautiful smile.
Sergey Lazarev
Will qualifyThere’s hardly any question about Russia’s qualification. The only difference is that this time around the jury may rank him higher than the public vote due to his perfect vocals and less complex performance.
Jonida Maliqi
Will not qualifyAlbania has a really strong song but a really simple staging where the LED are not even used. There's little to no action during the performance and in such a strong semi-final, even Jonida's strong vocals will struggle to make Albania a qualifier.
Will qualifyNorway is bringing Pop into the game. The song’s catchy, they look good and the staging looks great with the Northern Lights coming to live. Add onto that fire effects and impeccable vocals. There you'll find a sure qualifier.
Duncan Laurence
Will qualifyA simple yet effective performance due to the song's quality and potential but even if it wasn't, the hype around The Netherlands would make of it an almost sure qualifier just on itself. We have to say, nonetheless, that the camera plans chosen weren't the best and that the stage feels to naked overall which could take away some potential.
Tamara Todevska
Will qualifyTamara delivers a strong performance both vocally and visually. North Macedonia isn't exactly an obvious qualifier but Eurovision is indeed missing some female empowerment and the song does just that. Even though we believe in its qualification, we have to consider that the stage's props will be used similarly during Sergey's performance.
Will qualifyThe amount of technology and special effects on this performance make it an automatic qualifier. There are robots, holograms and a pretty face to add onto the picture. As if that wasn't enough, vocals are pretty similar to the studio version which is a good sign. We'll be seeing Azerbaijan in the Grand Final.

Our panel review all the 2nd rehearsals, and give our opinions if each song will qualify or not. The reviews may change throughout the day.

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