Sweden 2016: Frans

Sweden: Frans wins Melodifestivalen

Frans wins this year's Melodifestivalen – one of the most popular selections in the Eurovision world. Frans will represent Sweden on home soil with the song "If I Were Sorry". Will he give Sweden the seventh Eurovision victory?

Tonight Sweden picked their song for Eurovision Song Contest 2016 in Stockholm. After six amazing shows

Lynda Woodruff is back!

all over Sweden with 37 contestants, the Swedish public and an international jury voted for Frans. He will represent Sweden with the song "If I Were Sorry". After four Semi-finals and a Second Chance-show 12 songs were selected to compete in the Final of Melodifestivalen, the biggest television show in Sweden.

The show was broadcasted live from Friends Arena in Stockholm and hosted by Gina Dirawi with the help from William Spetz. William is a 19 year old Swedish comedian. He became known through his YouTube blog and has since made several humor series on SVT.

"If I Were Sorry" is written by Frans Jeppsson-Wall, Oscar Fogelström, Michael Saxell and Fredrik Andersson.

Melodifestivalen 2016 – Result

Oscar Zia got most points from the international juries. Frans got 14.4% of the viewers votes.

Melodifestivalen 2016

Sweden Melodifestivalen
  • 6 February: Melodifestivalen Deltävling 1, Gothenburg (Scandinavium)
  • 13 February: Melodifestivalen Deltävling 2, Malmö (Malmö Arena)
  • 20 February: Melodifestivalen Deltävling 3, Norrköping (Himmelstalundshallen)
  • 27 February: Melodifestivalen Deltävling 4, Gävle (Gavlerinken Arena)
  • 5 March: Melodifestivalen Second Chance, Halmstad (Halmstad Arena)
  • 12 March: Melodifestivalen Final, Stockholm (Friends Arena)
Sweden Melodifestivalen 2016 hosts
The hosts of Melodifestivalen 2016 (Photo: SVT)

All the shows were hosted by Gina Dirawi accompanied by various guest hosts.
The format for Melodifestivalen 2016 was the same as last year:
Each of the 4 heats qualified 2 songs directly to the final
Each of the 4 heats qualified 2 songs to the "second chance"-show
In the "second chance" 4 songs were selected for the final

Sweden in Eurovision Song Contest

Since 1958 Sweden has participated 55 times in Eurovision Song Contest with great succes. They have won the contest 6 times:

They came last two times ( 1963 and 1977), and since the introduction of the Semi-finals in 2004 Sweden managed to qualify for the Grand Final 11 out of 12 times! (only skipped the qualification in 2010).

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