Eurovision 1974 Results: Voting & Points

Eurovision 1974 Scoreboard

Eurovision Song Contest 1974

Eurovision Song Contest 1974 result: Sweden won with the song "Waterloo" by ABBA with 24 points

Eurovision 1974 Results: Voting & Points

Date: Saturday 6 April 1974
Location: The Dome, Brighton, United Kingdom
Broadcaster: BBC
Host: Catherine (Katie) Boyle

Voting: Each participating country had 10 jury members, and each jury member could award one point to one song

Interval act: The Wombles

Debuting countries: Greece

Did you know... United Kingdom gave zero points to ABBA in 1974

Did you know... In 1974 the French President, Georges Pompidou, died during Eurovision week. The French broadcaster decided to withdraw from the contest. The funeral was held the day of the contest

Did you know... The Portuguese song from 1974 "E Depois Do Adeus" started a revolution in Portugal. The song was played on an independent radio station in Lisbon on 24 April, and was one of two secret signals which alerted the rebel captains and soldiers to begin the Carnation Revolution against the Estado Novo regime

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