Odds Melodifestivalen 2023


Sweden: Who will win Melodifestivalen 2023?

Bookmakers have predicted Loreen

1Loreen - Tattoo17%53.944543.9
2Maria Sur - Never Give Up14%
3Fjällgren, North & Woods - Where You Are11%
4Kiana - Where Did You Go7%
5Marcus & Martinus - Air6%12151415913
6Mariette - One Day5%151815151715
7Wiktoria - All My Life4%172121151521
8Nordman - Släpp alla sorger4%2621222011211.98
9Melanie Wehbe - For The Show3%2628262517211.98
10Theoz - Mer av dig3%2331312523261.98
11Tone Sekelius - Rhythm of My Show3%1936312513345
12Paul Rey - Royals3%2628343019341.98
13Panetoz - On My Way3%2636363017341.98
14Laurell - Sober2%2936343034261.98
15Victor Crone - Diamonds2%2351414515341.98
16Loulou LaMotte - Inga Sorger2%296661552126
17Elov & Beny - Raggen går1%126262625101671.98
18Axel Schylström - Gorgeous1%567171555151
19Ida-Lova - Låt hela stan se på1%567166506751
20Eden - Comfortable1%81918650515120
21Emil Henrohn - Mera mera mera1%678686554151
22Tennessee Tears - Now I Know1%6791865081511.98
23Rejhan - Haunted1%811261015067511.98
24Smash Into Pieces - Six Feet Under1%81918675101511.98
25Signe & Hjördis - Edelweiss1%8110110175101511.98
26Casanovas - Så kommer känslorna tillbaka1%10112612675101511.98
27Uje Brandelius - Grytan1%1261511511001011011.98
28Eva Rydberg & Ewa Roos - Länge leve livet<1%2015015012001011011.98
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