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Odds Melodifestivalen 2018

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Sweden: Who will win Melodifestivalen 2018?

Bookmakers have predicted Benjamin Ingrosso
1Benjamin Ingrosso – "Dance Your Off"
2Mariette – "For You"3.753.53.543.75443.53.7
3Liamoo – "Last Breath"
4Jessica Andersson – "Party Voice"
5Martin Almgren – "A Bitter Lullaby"8887888915
6Felix Sandman – "Every Single Day"9101089107108.8
7John Lundvik – "My Turn"111414151112121015
8Samir & Viktor – "Shuffla"212121212115251750
9Emmi Christensson – "Icarus"284141413434263412
10Olivia Eliasson – "Never Learn"314141513434263423
11Mendez – "Everyday"364141413434404148
12Elias Abbas – "Mitt Paradis"415151514134265125
13Margaret – "In My Cabanna"618686515151516740
14Rolandz – "Fuldans"817676678151566760
15Felicia Olsson – "Break That Chain"5110110110167101516730
16Renaida – "All The Feels"811511511011011011016750
17Sigrid Bernson – "Patrick Swayze"10115115110110110110110150
18Moncho – "Cuba Libre"201126126101101101516755
19Mimi Werner – "Songburning"12115115110110110110115144
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Barbi Escobar – "Stark"
Dotter – "Cry"
Edward Blom – "Livet På En Pinne"
Ida Redig – "Allting Som Vi Sa"
Jonas Gardell – "Det Finns En Våg"
K.Moraeus & O.Spelmän – "Min Dröm"
Kamferdrops – "Solen Lever Kvar Hos Dig"
Kikki Danielsson – "Osby Tennessee"
Stiko Per Larsson – "Titta Vi Flyger"
The odds are collected from bookmakers that have odds on Melodifestivalen 2018. We don't offer any bets on these odds. We have commercial relationships with some of the bookmakers. The odds are primarily shown for your information, and can be seen as bookmakers' prediction of the betting: Who will win Melodifestivalen 2018?

Odds for Melodifestivalen 2018

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