Albania 2021: Festivali i Këngës 59

Albania: Listen to the songs of Festivali i Këngës #59

Albania's broadcaster has just released the 25 songs competing in this year's Festivali i Këngës. Listen to the songs here and vote in our poll: Who wins Festivali i Këngës 59?


Manjola Nallbani will not compete in Festivali i Këngës #59, after being infected with COVID-19 earlier this month.

A total of 25 acts will compete in Festivali i Këngës #59.

Albania is getting ready to host the very first national selection of the season by releasing the songs for December's Festivali i Këngës #59. The Albanian broadcaster RTSH has just released the 26 25 songs for the semi-finals and final.

26 25 participants will compete for the honour of representing Albania at Eurovision Song Contest 2021 which is set to be held in Rotterdam.

Since Albania's 2004 debut in Eurovision Song Contest it is used to select their representative for the following year's contest.

There are some well known artists on the list:

  • Orgesa Zaimi has participated in the competition several times (FiK #54, FiK #56, FiK #57). Zaimi was also backing singer for Albania's Eurovision entry in 2009, and member of the Albanian jury for Eurovision 2017.
  • Inis Neziri came in 3rd place in Festivali i Këngës #56
  • Era Rusi who has participated in Festivali i Këngës three times (FiK #44 (2nd place), FiK #48, FiK #58)

Arilena Ara won Festivali i Këngës #58 and was set to represent the nation in Eurovision 2020 with the song Fall From The Sky. But Arilena Ara is NOT in the lineup for FiK 59.

Albania in Eurovision Song Contest

Since debuting in 2004, Albania has been participating in Eurovision Song Contest every year. Best result is a 5th place in 2012, where Rona Nishliu sang "Suus".

Out of the 16 times Albania has participated, they have qualified for the Grand final 9 times.

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