Eurovision Song Contest 2022 Semi-final 2
Graphics by Pluzeer based on photos by Corinne Cumming/EBU
TURIN 2022

Tonight: Semi-final 2 of Eurovision Song Contest 2022

Tonight the second Semi-final will find the last 10 qualifiers for Saturday's Grand Final. 18 songs will compete in tonight's show live from Pala Olimpico in Turin. Have a look at all the details, songs and what to expect from tonight's Semi-final 2

We already know the first 15 songs qualified for the Grand Final on Saturday. Tonight the second Semi-final will find the last 10 qualifiers.

18 participants will compete but only 10 of these will qualify for Saturday's Grand Final. The show starts at 21:00 CEST, live from Pala Olimpico Arena in Turin, Italy and can be streamed on YouTube. Hosts are Mika, Laura Pausini and Alessandro Cattelan.

The running order has been decided by the Italian producer RAI based on an allocation draw.

Eurovision 2022 Scorecards

Lineup Semi-final 2

1FinlandJezebel The RasmusThe Rasmus
2IsraelI.M Michael Ben DavidMichael Ben David
3SerbiaIn Corpore Sano KonstraktaKonstrakta
4AzerbaijanFade To Black Nadir RustamliNadir Rustamli
5GeorgiaLock Me In Circus MircusCircus Mircus
6MaltaI Am What I Am Emma MuscatEmma Muscat
commercial break
7San MarinoStripper Achille LauroAchille Lauro
8AustraliaNot the Same Sheldon RileySheldon Riley
9CyprusEla AndromacheAndromache
10IrelandThat's Rich Brooke ScullionBrooke Scullion
11North MacedoniaN. MacedoniaCircles AndreaAndrea
12EstoniaHope StefanStefan
commercial break
13RomaniaLlámame WRSWRS
14PolandRiver OchmanOchman
15MontenegroBreathe VladanaVladana
16BelgiumMiss You Jérémie MakieseJérémie Makiese
17SwedenHold Me Closer Cornelia JakobsCornelia Jakobs
18Czech RepublicCzechiaLights Off We Are DomiWe Are Domi

After the 18 songs from the second Semi-final, a 1-minute preview of three of the five pre-qualified countries will be shown: Germany, Spain and United Kingdom. These previews have been recorded yesterday at the jury rehearsals.

Opening: The Italian Way

The second Semi-final of the Eurovision Song Contest 2022 starts with Alessandro Cattelan (one of the host) going through the show's backstage. In it, he says it's almost show time and he has "no idea on what to do". He seeks for advice and introduces the viewers to the Italian way of doing things: the art of getting by.

In this short introduction video, part of the crew team advises Alessandro to start the show with a dancing act which he seems not too keen on as he can't dance. Regardless that's exactly how the show starts.

From the backstage, we're now following Alessandro to the centre of the stage. He's joined by multiple dancers and delivers a quite energetic and good dancing routine for someone who apparently couldn't dance.

The three hosts are now welcomed: Alessandro Cattelan, Laura Pausini and Mika. They reinforce a few notes to the public and, in an Italian way, it's time to...



Before each of the 18 songs we will see a small "postcard" while the stage is being prepared for the respective song. Each of the 18 postcards feature the same idea:

Leo, the drone is in charge of taking us through the different locations of Italy and of the postcard overall. Each card starts in the blue skies with a few white clouds and gives place to a specific region or city of Italy. Pictures of the acts, as holograms, are shown in those different locations and by the end it is Leo's job to project the final moving hologram of the act.

Commercial Breaks

After song number 6 (Malta), the evening's first commercial break takes place:

For viewers without commercials, we are back with Laura Pausini who engages with the audience by singing what will be a reference to the Italian Festival di Sanremo. She goes on to talk about her experience and how she won Sanremo when she was only 18.

A video segment about Sanremo follows. It's about the history of Sanremo and it mentions the influence it had on the creation of the Eurovision Song Contest back in 1956.

We're back to the Pala Olimpico arena with Mika and Alessandro. In this short segment, Mika teaches Alessandro how to get the best out of the live audience and shortly San Marino is introduced.

After song number 12 (Estonia), the second commercial break takes place:

Mika is sitting on the stage and talks about how we all perceived the sound of beauty in a different way. This gives place to a video where that theme is explored. We hear babies laughing, the sound of waves, bycicles, bells amongst many other sounds.

We are again back with the three hosts in the green room or how they call it "giardino italiano". They go on to say that it's the place of big emotions and that they can feel the tension even if not competing. Before moving on to Romania, they encourage the viewers to comment the competition on social media using the official hashtag.

Interval Act: Mika & Laura, Il Volo

After all acts have performed, it's time to start the voting. All countries in Semi-final 2 along with the three qualified countries Germany, Spain and United Kingdom can vote in this Semi-final.

The three presenters explain the rules and are quick to open the voting:


A recap is followed and shortly after Alessandro presents the first interval act of the night: a duet between Laura Pausini and Mika who sing "Fragile" by Sting as well as "People Have The Power" by Patti Smith. Another recap, and the hosts encourage the viewers to vote.


It's time for the next interval act. It's the trio Il Volo who represented Italy back in 2015. They perform an English/Italian version of their monster Eurovision hit "Grande Amore". Only two of the group members are physically on stage as Gianluca Ginoble tested positive for COVID-19. He is joining the two via a screen in the background.

The official Eurovision voice is back for another chapter of "Eurovison Confidential" where the fantasy theme is explored and references Zlata Ognevich (Ukraine 2013), Rasmussen (Denmark 2018) amongst others.

Mika and Alessandro are back to our screen and take the time to thank the technical team that they reference as a "big family". Since there's so many people to thank, they introduce a video of the backstage where part of the team has some time to shine.

Pre-qualified countries

There are five countries that are automatic pre-qualified for the Grand Final, which is the "Big-5" countries: France, Germany, Italy, Spain and United Kingdom.

Before the announcement of the result, we are presented with three of the five pre-qualified countries for the Grand Final. These three countries will also broadcast and vote in Semi-final 2.

In this Semi-final, it is Spain, United Kingdom and Germany.

A short interview of the three artists is followed by a preview of their songs recorded yesterday evening.

We're ready to know the 10 qualifiers and Martin Österdahl, the boss who oversees everything related to Eurovision, announces that all is set for the qualifiers announcement.





The voting procedure will be the same as the previous five editions. Each country will have two sets of 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,10 and 12 points to give. One set for each country's jury, and one set for each country's televoting.

  • The 10 songs with most points will qualify to the Grand Final
  • Each of the 18 countries participating in Semi-final 2 will vote
  • The pre-qualified countries Germany, Spain and United Kingdom will broadcast and vote in Semi-final 2
  • Each country has a national jury who gave one set of 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,10 and 12 points.
  • Each country will have televoting which also results in a set of 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,10 and 12 points
  • The voting will not be revealed before the Grand Final has finished on Saturday
  • Only the 10 qualified songs will be revealed in random order
  • Televoters and national juries have equal weight in the voting
  • The national juries voted yesterday evening (Wednesday 11 May) during the second dress-rehearsal

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