Eurovision 2024 Countdown: 100 days
MALMÖ 2024

Eurovision 2024 countdown: 100 days! What do we know so far?

We're just 💯 days away from the first Semi-final of the Eurovision Song Contest 2024. Let's double check all we know so far

It's not the Final Countdown. But it's the Semi-final Countdown! This is where Eurovision begins.

With just 100 days left until the first show of the Eurovision Song Contest 2024 in Malmö is aired, it's time for a round up of some of the facts we know about the world's biggest music competition so far. The 2024 edition will feature 37 songs from 37 countries.

The Eurovision Song Contest 2024 will take place in Malmö, Sweden:

  • Semi-final 1: 7 May 2024
  • Semi-final 2: 9 May 2024
  • Grand Final: 11 May 2024

37 countries will be competing, the same number as last year's edition, but not the same lineup: while Luxembourg is coming back after a 30-year absence, Romania has opted out.

Songs and Artists

Six countries have selected their artists and songs for Eurovision 2024:

Click on a song title to see video, lyrics and details about each song


Seven countries have chosen their artists they'll send to Eurovision 2024:

National selections

Preparations are taking place in the 37 participating countries. National selection contests peak in a few weeks and, so far, five countries have started their respective events:

  • Estonia: Eesti Laul – One semi-final has been held. Final on 17 February.
  • Israel: HaKokhav HaBa will select the Israeli artist. Final on 6 February.
  • Lithuania: Eurovizija.LT – Three shows have been aired. Two heats are yet to come. Final on 17 February.
  • Malta: MESC – Four pre-selection contests that served as semi-finals have taken place. Final on 3 February.
  • Norway: Melodi Grand Prix – Three heats have selected nine finalists for 3 February.

... many others have revealed the contestants for their national contests.

So far we know that...

  • Four countries will select their entry in the coming week! (Malta, Norway, Spain, and Ukraine).
  • 10 countries will select their entry later in February.
  • Four will follow in March.

The big Eurovision selection days will be on Saturdays: 3 February (seven events), 10 February (five events), 17 February (six events), and 4 March (five events).

Semi-final allocation draw and Host Insignia Ceremony

The Semi-final allocation draw takes place on Tuesday, 30 January. This will determine which countries are in which Semi-final. Last year's winner, Sweden, and the "Big 5" (UK, Germany, France, Italy, and Spain) will also be distributed into the two Semi-finals for voting.

The Host Insignia Exchange will take place just before the allocation draw. This represents the moment where the former host city hands over the "Eurovision Keys" to the current host city and adds their own symbol to the giant keychain. If you're not familiar with the concept, the Eurovision Keys are made up of extremely weird key rings from each host city over the years.


The host city has been selected (Malmö, in case you're just getting into the Eurovision spirit now), and the dates are set: 7, 9 and 11 May 2024.

The Arena has also been chosen: Malmö Arena. As for the slogan, that remains the same as last year: United By Music. The visual artwork has been unveiled and was inspired by the northern lights and sound equalizers.

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