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Ukraine: Go_A's song for Eurovision 2021 selected: "Shum"

The song that Ukrainian Go_A will sing at Eurovision Song Contest 2021 has just been announced. Listen to the song "Shum" here

Go_A won last year's Vidbir and were quickly invited back to represent Ukraine in Eurovision Song Contest 2021 after the cancellation of Eurovision 2020.

Back in 2020, the members of the band joined an online songwriting camp to write potential Eurovision entries. In order to help them choose the right song for Rotterdam, the Ukrainian broadcaster invited a five-member jury panel to choose the entry out of three possibilities:

  1. "Shum"
  • "Rano"
  • "Tserkovka"

After all the rankings were in, the jury decided that Go_A will represent Ukraine at Eurovision Song Contest 2021 with "Shum" (English: "Noise"), written by Taras Shevchenko, Kateryna Pavlenko and Ihor Didenchuk.

Ukraine 2021: Go_A – "Shum"


Shum is inspired by a spring ritual folk song of the same name. It is a modern reinterpretation of an archaic game with elements of ancient magic ritual practices.

The Contest version of the song Shum and a new music video will be released in early March. Jamala (Ukraine 2016) shares her impression from the song selected by the jury:

– I voted for Shum. It sounds very modern to me. Live singing decides everything, so I would like to wish Kate confidence that she showed in Vidbir last year. Just sing, and it seems to me that everything will work out well!

Music producer and composer Ruslan Kvinta says:

– I am glad that the band was productive over the year. We see that they invested all their strength, thoughts, ideas, and big love in their creative work.

The Maneken leader and producer Yevhen Filatov mentions that lots of preparation is ahead of the band before the contest:

– I primarily wish Go_A to hold on, show what have got and represent Ukraine decently.

As stated above, the song decision was put in the hands of a jury panel built off:

  • Jamala (Ukraine 2016)
  • Yevhen Filatov (leader of The Maneken band)
  • Ruslan Kvinta (music producer)
  • Yaroslav Lodygin (member of the TV Managing Board of UA:PBC)
  • Dmytro Khorkin (member of the radio Managing Board of UA:PBC)


Go_A is a Ukrainian electro-folk band who was meant to represent Ukraine in the 2020 Eurovision Song Contest with the song "Solovey"

They first gained attention after the release of the single "Vesnianka" which won a national competition for The Best Track in Ukraine 2015. For six weeks, the single stayed at number one on the 10Dance chart of the Kiss FM radio station in Ukraine and was awarded Discovery of the
Year by the radio station.

Ukraine in Eurovision Song Contest

Ukraine 2016: Jamala - "1944"

Ukraine is one of the most successful countries in Eurovision Song Contest.

Ukraine 2016: Jamala - "1944"

Out of 15 participations Ukraine has:

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