Opening sequence of 50th anniversary show

60th Anniversary Show in United Kingdom

Austrian broadcaster ORF confirmes that BBC will host the 60th Eurovision Anniversary Show in United Kingdom. But EBU hesitates to confirm the rumors

The rumors were true: United Kingdom will be hosting and producing the celebration of Eurovision Song Contest's 60th anniversary. In an interview with the executive producer of Eurovision Song Contest 2015, Edgar Böhm says: "The anniversary of the song contest is covered by a BBC show, they are looking back in the history", but Executive Supervisor Jon Ola Sand can't confirm the rumors: "Nothing is decided for the anniversary yet".

A date for the show hasn't been decided, but a good guess will be in the autumn of 2015. The 50th anniversary was in late october 2005.

"Congratulations: 50 Years of the Eurovision Song Contest"

Sweden 1974 | ABBA - "Waterloo"

The 50th anniversary was celebrated at a big show "Congratulations" broadcasted to 31 EBU-countries live from Forum, Copenhagen on 22 October 2005. 14 songs were chosen through an internet poll and by a jury before the show. During the show televoting and juries decided the winner of the first 50 years of Eurovision Song Contest: ABBA with "Waterloo", the Swedish winner from 1974.

The 14 songs in "Congratulations: 50 Years of the Eurovision Song Contest"

1) Abba - " Waterloo" (Sweden 1974)
2) Domenico Modugno - " Nel blu dipinto di blu" (Italy 1958)
3) Johnny Logan - " Hold Me Now" (Ireland 1987)
4) Helena Paparizou - " My Number One" (Greece 2005)
5) Brotherhood of Man - " Save Your Kisses for Me" (United Kingdom 1976)
6) Olsen Brothers - " Fly on the Wings of Love" (Denmark 2000)
7) Nicole - " Ein bißchen Frieden" (Germany 1982)
8) Cliff Richard - " Congratulations" (United Kingdom 1968)
9) Sertab Erener - " Everyway That I Can" (Turkey 2003)
10) Celine Dion - " Ne partez pas sans moi" (Switzerland 1988)
11) Mocedades - " Eres tú" (Spain 1973)
12) Johnny Logan - " What's Another Year?" (Ireland 1980)
13) Dana International - " Diva" (Israel 1998)
14) France Gall - " Poupée de cire, poupée de son" (Luxembourg 1965)

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