Eurovision 2003 Results: Voting & Points

Eurovision 2003 Scoreboard

Eurovision Song Contest 2003

Eurovision Song Contest 2003 result: Turkey won with the song "Everyway That I Can" by Sertab Erener with 167 points

Eurovision 2003 Results: Voting & Points

Date: Saturday 24 May 2003
Location: Skonto Olympic Hall, Riga, Latvia
Broadcaster: LTV
Hosts: Marie N. & Renars Kaupers
Slogan: Magical Rendez-vous

Participants: 26; Big-4 (Germany, France, Spain, United Kingdom), Top 15 from Eurovision 2002 (other than Big-4), The 6 countries that were excluded from Eurovision 2002, Debuting countries (Ukraine)

Voting: Televoting

Debuting countries: Ukraine

Did you know... There have been five barefoot winners in Eurovision history: Sandie Shaw (1967), Sertab Erener (2003), Dima Bilan (2008), Loreen (2012) and Emmelie De Forest (2013)

Did you know... Three of the songs sent to Eurovision have been in made up languages. Two of these entries have come from Belgium: Sanomi (2003) and O Julissi (2008); and one from the Netherlands: Amambanda (2006)

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