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Italy: Angelina Mango wins Sanremo 2024 – To Eurovision with "La noia"

The winner of the 74th Festival di Sanremo has been chosen! Angelina Mango has been crowned the winner with the song "La noia." She'll be presented the opportunity to represent the country at Eurovision 2024 this May in Malmö


Angelina Mango to Eurovision 2024

After winning Sanremo 2024, Angelina Mango had the option to represent Italy at the Eurovision Song Contest 2024. If she had refused, the Italian broadcaster RAI would have chosen the Italian representative for Malmö.

In a special press conference for the winner of Sanremo, Angelina Mango confirmed her Eurovision 2024 participation.

Abbiamo un vincitore!

Festival di Sanremo 2024 has officially drawn to a close after five nights of shows which brought us countless laughs, memories, and incredible performances. The 74th edition of Sanremo has truly been one to remember with so much talent displayed across all five nights. With the festival now over, that only means one thing: We have a winner!

Angelina Mango has taken the victory at Festival di Sanremo 2024 with the song "La noia," and now holds a place in Sanremo history.

Angelina Mango – "La noia"

"La noia" was written by Angelina Mango, Dario Faini, and Francesca Calearo.

At the start of the evening, Amadeus presented the ranking of all 30 acts from all the votes combined from the first four nights. After that, all 30 participants took to the stage one last time with their songs. Once all of them performed, the votes were counted up and were added to the existing ranking to finalize it. And behold, that presented us with the top five moving on to the Superfinal.

Once the top five were revealed, a new round of voting was held to determine who would take the crown. Voting for this round was made up of three parts: radio jury (33%), press jury (33%), and pubic vote (34%).

Sanremo 2024 – 5th night

First round

*TOTAL RANKING is the total ranking of all 30 songs after all five nights
VotingTelevoting combined with the results from the previous nights


Voting33% press jury
33% radio jury
34% televoting

Co-hosting alongside Amadeus to close out Sanremo 2024 was the legendary Fiorello. Together, this dynamic duo put on a great show that truly captured the essence of what Sanremo has become.

Sanremo isn't Sanremo if guest performances don't happen throughout the night. Many great performances took place, but most notably, we had Tananai performing his Sanremo 2023 song 'Tango' on the Suzuki stage, and rapper Tedua taking to the floating stage with his song 'Red Lights.'

Fiorello also gave us some memorable performances scattered throughout the night that sure put some laughs and smiles on peoples faces.

We also can't forget about two-time Sanremo winner Gigliola Cinquetti who sang her 1964 entry "Non ho l'età," with which she won Eurovision 1964. She also represented Italy at Eurovision 1974 with "Si."

On that note, Festival di Sanremo 2024 is officially a wrap. The 74th edition of Sanremo is truly a special edition that will, as a whole, have a place in Sanremo history.

With that being said...fino al prossimo anno!

Angelina Mango

Angelina Mango (10 April 2001) is an Italian singer-songwriter born in Maratea, Basilicata, Italy. Angelina grew up surrounded by music as her parents were both musicians, which led to her finding a passion in it. With that, growing up she learned to play the guitar, piano, and of course, sing. After moving to Milan following her father's death, she chose to continue her prior studies, as well as forming a band with her brother where she sang while he was the drummer.

As for her career, Mango has been active in the music industry since 2020 when she released her first single 'Va tutto bene,' with her first EP 'Monolocale' following shortly after. In 2021, we saw her music career start to kick into full gear. She opened for Giovanni Caccamo and Michele Placido for their Parola Tour, and was even found performing during Milan Music Week in November 2021. Following that, she took to the Sanremo Giovani stage with her song 'La tua buona colazione,' but was not chosen as one of the finalists.

Yet, 2022 and 2023 were even bigger years for her. She has since signed a contract with Sony Music and has worked alongside producers including Enrico Bruni and Tiziano Ferro to create new music. In 2022, she competed on the musical talent show Amici di Maria De Filippi, where she would place second while managing to win the singing category.

Her highly anticipated EP 'Voglia di vivere' was released in 2023 and debuted at number two on the Italian album charts, as well as being certified gold. Prior to that, her single 'Ci pensiamo domani' was a huge success, landing her a top 10 and certified triple platinum single. Mango's highest charting song though is 'Che t'o dico a fa,' which saw a peak of number two and went platinum.

Sanremo 2024

  • 6 February 2024: Sanremo Night 1
  • 7 February 2024: Sanremo Night 2
  • 8 February 2024: Sanremo Night 3
  • 9 February 2024: Sanremo Night 4
  • 10 February 2024: Sanremo Final

This year's edition of Festival di Sanremo featured five live shows held at the iconic Teatro Ariston in Sanremo, all hosted by Amadeus together with various co-hosts.

  • Night 1: Tuesday, 6 February

Durning Night 1, all of the songs were performed live. Voting was only taken from the press jury (TV jury and online jury) to determine the Night 1 results. Co-host: Marco Mengoni (Italy 2013 and 2023).

  • Night 2: Wednesday, 7 February

Night 2 we saw half of the acts take the stage again to perform their songs. Voting this night consisted of 50% radio jury and 50% public voting. Co-host: Giorgia.

  • Night 3: Thursday, 8 February

Night 3 we saw the remaining songs that did not partake in Night 2. The voting method was the same as Wednesday (Night 2). Co-host: Teresa Mannino.

  • Night 4: Friday, 9 February

Night 4, each of the 30 artists performed a cover of another song. The artists could perform the song solo or together with an acclaimed Italian or international guest artist. Co-host: Lorella Cuccarini.

  • Night 5: Saturday, 10 February

Night 5, the final night! All 30 songs were performed one last time Saturday evening. Public voting from the 5th night, combined with the results from the previous nights, selected the five songs for the Superfinal. A new vote split between public voting (34%), the press jury (33%), and the radio jury (33%) was formed to determine who the winner would be. The winner has the option to represent Italy at the Eurovision Song Contest 2024. Co-host: Fiorello.

Italy in the Eurovision Song Contest

Italy 2022: Mahmood & Blanco - "Brividi"

Italy has participated in 48 Eurovision contests. They have won three times:

Their worst result came in 1966, when they finished last.

Italy 2022: Mahmood & Blanco - "Brividi"

Italy's most well-known song is "Nel Blu Dipinto Di Blu," better known as "Volare" from 1958. It is also the most covered Eurovision Song Contest song ever. The song has been covered by famous stars such as Dean Martin, Cliff Richard, David Bowie and many more.

Italy took a long pause from the Eurovision Song Contest between 1998 and 2010. Since then, Italy has been a "Big-5" country, which means they don't have to go through the Semi-final round and are automatically qualified for the Grand Final.

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authorJustina is a correspondent from the United States. She is a more recent fan as she first started following Eurovision in 2021. Since then, she has followed every Eurovision related event and developed a passion for the contest as a whole. If you were to ask them what their favourite all time Eurovision song is, Brividi by Mahmood and Blanco (Italy 2022) will be their answer.

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