Spain Benidorm Fest 2024: Semi-Final 2
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Spain: Lineup for Benidorm Fest 2024 Final set

The last four qualifiers for Spain's Benidorm Fest 2024 have been chosen. On Saturday, the finalists will take the stage once again hoping to represent Spain at Eurovision 2024

The lineup for Benidorm Fest 2024 Final is now complete with the qualification of four more acts.

The Palau Municipal d'Esports l'Illa de Benidorm received the second Semi-final of Spain's national selection contest for Eurovision, and after eight performances the jury (worth 50% of the decision), the demoscopic jury (25%), and the televote (25%) decided on which four should we see again next Saturday.

Once all the votes were counted St. Pedro, María Peláe, Jorge González, and Almácor were announced as the qualifiers.

The show was once again hosted by Ruth Lorenzo (Spain 2014), TV host Marc Calderó, and singer Ana Prada. As for the interval acts, Sérgio Dalma and Iñigo Quintero performed.

Benidorm Fest 2024 – Semi-final 2

Benidorm Fest 2024

For a third year in a row, Spain will be using the Benidorm Fest to select their Eurovision entry. The show will take place during a full week in the city of Benidorm, and will be divided into three shows: two semi-finals and a final.

The shows will all be hosted by Ruth Lorenzo (Spain 2014), Marc Calderó, and Ana Prada, and will be held in Benidorm's Palau Municipal d'Esports l'Illa de Benidorm. The voting method will follow last year's pattern with the jury vote worth 50%, the demoscopic jury (25%), and the televote (25%).

The jury consists of eight members: four Spanish judges plus four international juries: Carlos Baute, Ángela Carrasco, Guille Milkyway, Beatriz Luengo plus Lee Smithurst, David Tserunyan, Marta Piekarska, and Nicole Refsing.

  • 30 January 2024: Semi-Final 1
  • 1 February 2024: Semi-Final 2
  • 3 February 2024: Final

Spain in Eurovision

Spain has participated in the Eurovision Song Contest 62 times since their debut in 1961. They have won twice: in 1968 (La, La, La...) and the following year, 1969 (Vivo Cantando).

Spain 1968: Massiel - "La, La, La..."

Spain is a member of the "Big-5," which means they don't have to go through the Semi-final round and are automatically qualified for the Grand Final. Spain is also a member of "club zero" because they have managed to get zero points 3 times. They have finished in last place 5 times in Eurovision history, the latest coming in 2017.

Spain 1968: Massiel - "La, La, La..."

Spain's best-known song is probably "Eres Tú" from Eurovision 1973 (2nd place, only four points away from victory).

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