Odds Norway Melodi Grand Prix 2023


Norway: Who will win Melodi Grand Prix 2023?

Bookmakers have predicted Ulrikke Brandstorp

1Ulrikke Brandstorp - Honestly39%
2Alessandra Mele - Queen of Kings30%2.32.342.382.4
3Atle Pettersen - Masterpiece10%66.887.4
4Jone - Ekko Inni Meg10%6.58.479
5Elsie Bay - Love You in a Dream3%18401546
6Skrellex - Love Again3%26302136
7Swing'it - Prohibition2%34483460
8Eline Thorp - Not Meant to Be2%41603480
9Umami Tsunami - Geronimo1%51604180
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