Odds Norway Melodi Grand Prix 2022


Norway: Who will win Melodi Grand Prix 2022?

Bookmakers have predicted Subwoolfer

1Subwoolfer - Give That Wolf a Banana26%3.52.7532.862.26
2Elsie Bay - Death of Us25%3.532.753.053.3
3NorthKid - Someone7%12119121.14
4Mari Bølla - Your Loss6%151313151.1
5Vilde - Titans4%122120211.22
6Frode Vassel - Black Flowers4%211520248.2
7Sofie Fjellvang - Made Of Glass4%181330181.1
8Maria Mohn - Fly3%181540341.2
9Lily Löwe - Bad Baby3%311830401.18
10Oda Gondrosen - Hammer Of Thor2%212650301.16
11Christian Ingebrigtsen - Wonder Of The World2%413435401.06
12Alexandra Joner - Hasta la vista2%4134452022
13Steffen Jakobsen - With Me Tonight2%415140461.16
14Farida - Dangerous2%5151502016
15Anna-Lisa Kumoji - Queen Bees2%513460361.03
16Kim Wigaard - La Melodia1%416775501.2
17Sturla - Skår i hjertet1%5110175461.1
18Daniel Lukas - Kvelertak1%1515150501.02
19Eline Noelia - Ecstasy1%151361.03
20TrollfesT - Dance Like a Pink Flamingo1%151441.22
21Mira Craig - We Still Here1%151501.1
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