Odds Eesti Laul 2023


Estonia: Who will win Eesti Laul 2023?

Bookmakers have predicted Alika

1Alika - Bridges62%
2Ollie - Venom12%666853
3Bedwetters - Monsters6%151515112.288.6
4Sissi - Lighthouse5%151817131070
5Anett & Fredi - You Need To Move On3%262125212.84140
6Andreas - Why Do You Love Me3%312625263.521
7Janek - House of Glass2%413435341.9895
8Meelik - Tuju2%413440341.98110
9Inger - Awaiting You2%415160511.98110
10M els - So Good (At What You Do)1%715150671.98110
11Elysa - Bad Philosophy1%71818067105.6
12Mia - Üks samm korraga1%201101901015.6140
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Eesti Laul: Top 2

Bookmakers have predicted Alika and Ollie


Eesti Laul: Top 3

Bookmakers have predicted Alika, Ollie and Sissi

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