Sweden Melodifestivalen 2020 hosts: David Sundin​, Lina Hedlund, Linnea Henriksson
David Sundin​, Lina Hedlund and Linnea Henriksson (Photo: Eva Edsjö / SVT)

Sweden: Here are the hosts of Melodifestivalen 2020

The trio David Sundin​, Lina Hedlund and Linnea Henriksson will be the hosts of Melodifestivalen 2020 in Sweden

The Swedish broadcaster Sveriges Television (SVT) has revealed the hosts of next year's Melodifestivalen, who will present the 28 songs during six Saturdays in February and March 2020, to select the Swedish song and artist for Eurovision Song Contest 2020 in Rotterdam:

  • Lina Hedlund
  • Linnea Henriksson
  • David Sundin

Christel Tholse Willers, the executive producer of Melodifestivalen, says:

– Lina Hedlund, Linnea Henriksson and David Sundin are a trio with a chemistry that entertains and warms people. They all have a close relationship with the viewers. Each one has a special glow and talent that will be wonderful to give the Melodifestivalen viewers this winter.

In a press briefing from SVT, Lina Hedlund says, that it has been a dream for years, to host Sweden's largest TV show:

– I have competed six times (2002, 2003, 2009, 2010, 2014, 2019), and interval act in 2013 and 2017, so getting this new role in this context feels tremendously cool, Lina Hedlund says.

Linnea Henriksson describes her coming role, as the "world's biggest honor". David Sundin says that his first thought when asked, was "Finally!".

Melodifestivalen 2020

  • 1 February: Deltävling 1, Linköping
  • 8 February: Deltävling 2, Göteborg
  • 15 February: Deltävling 3, Luleå
  • 22 February: Deltävling 4, Malmö
  • 29 February: Second Chance, Eskilstuna
  • 7 March: Melodifestivalen Final, Stockholm

The format for Melodifestivalen 2020 is the same as in previous years: In each of the 4 heats, there'll be 2 songs that will qualify directly into the final; in each of the 4 heats there'll be 2 songs that will qualify to the "second chance-show" (the Andra Chansen round). At this stage, 4 songs will be selected for the final.

The submissions for Melodifestivalen 2020 are open and will close on 15 September 2019.

Sweden in Eurovision Song Contest

Sweden 1999: Charlotte Nilsson - "Take Me To Your Heaven"

Since 1958 Sweden has participated 59 times in Eurovision Song Contest with great succes. They have won the contest 6 times:

Sweden 1999: Charlotte Nilsson - "Take Me To Your Heaven"

They came last two times (1963 and 1977), and since the introduction of the Semi-finals in 2004 Sweden managed to qualify for the Grand Final 15 out of 16 times! (only skipped the qualification in 2010)

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