Odds Estonia Eesti Laul 2020


Estonia: Who will win Eesti Laul 2020?

Bookmakers have predicted Uku Suviste

1Uku Suviste – "What Love Is"22%3.5
2Jaagup Tuisk – "Beautiful Lie"17%4.5
3Stefan – "By My Side"15%5
4Rasmus Rändvee – "Young"13%6
5Laura – "Break Me"8%10
6Uudo Sepp – "I’m Sorry. I Messed Up"3%25
7Inger – "Only Dream"2%35
7Merilin Mälk – "Miljon sammu"2%35
7Shira – "Out In Space"2%35
7Traffic – "Üks kord veel"2%35
11Inga – "Right Time"2%45
12Revals – "Kirjutan romaani"1%55
12Synne Valtri feat. Väliharf – "Majakad"1%55
12Ziggy Wild – "Lean On Me"1%55
15Anett & Fredi – "Write About Me"1%75
15Egert Milder – "Georgia (On My Mind)"1%75
15Jennifer Cohen – "Ping Pong"1%75
18Little Mess – "Without a Reason"1%100
18Mariliis Jõgeva – "Unistustes"1%100
18Renate – "Videomäng"1%100
21Janet – "Hingelind"1%150
22German & Violina – "Heart Winder"<1%200
23Kruuv – "Leelo"<1%250
24Viinerid – "Kapa Kohi-LA"<1%500
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