Italy 2020: Diodato
Photo: Carosello / Giuseppe Gradella

San Marino gives 12 points to Diodato from Italy

The Sammarinese public has voted and given the micro state's 12 points to Diodato from Italy

The Eurovision 2020 cancellation wasn't something that please the Sammarinese broadcaster – SMRTV – who quickly released a statement disapproving of EBU's decision.

Not happy with the choice but not willing to let Eurovision 2020 go that easily, and just like many other nations, the broadcaster announced an alternative show to allow its public to give the famous douze points, the Eurovision 2020: Una Serata In Musica.

After a week of online voting, through the broadcaster's official website, the Sammarines public gave its maximum points to Diodato from Italy and the song "Fai Rumore".

Eurovision 2020: Una Serata In Musica – The Results

  1. Italy: Diodato – Fai Rumore
  2. Lithuania: The Roop – On Fire
  3. Bulgaria: Victoria – Tears Getting Sober
  4. Switzerland: Gjon's Tears – Répondez-Moi
  5. Russia: Little Big – Uno
  6. Iceland: Daði & Gagnamagnið – Think About Things
  7. Norway: Ulrikke – Attention
  8. Albania: Arilena Ara – Fall From The Sky
  9. Spain: Blas Cantó – Universo
  10. Poland: Alicja – Empires
  11. Germany: Ben Dolic – Violent Thing
  12. Romania: Roxen – Alcohol You
  13. Azerbaijan: Efendi – Cleopatra
  14. Malta: Destiny – All Of My Love
  15. Israel: Eden Alene – Feker Libi
  16. Cyprus: Sandro Nicolas – Running
  17. Sweden: The Mamas – Move
  18. Belgium: Hooverphonic – Release Me
  19. The Netherlands: Jeangu Macrooy – Grow
  20. Latvia: Samanta Tina – Still Breathing
  21. United Kingdom: James Newman – My Last Breath
  22. Ukraine: Go_A – Solovey
  23. Denmark: Ben & Tan – Yes
  24. France: Tom Leeb – Mon Alliée
  25. Georgia: Tornike Kipiani – Take Me As I Am
  26. Serbia: Hurricane – Hasta La Vista
  27. Portugal: Elisa – Medo de Sentir
  28. Croatia: Damir Kedžo – Divlji vjetre
  29. Finland: Aksel Kankaanranta – Looking Back
  30. Greece: Stefania – Supergirl
  31. Moldova: Natalia Gordienko – Prison
  32. Slovenia: Ana Soklič – Voda
  33. North Macedonia: Vasil – You
  34. Belarus: VAL – Da Vidna
  35. Australia: Montaigne – Don't Break Me
  36. Estonia: Uku Suviste – What Is Love
  37. Austria: Vincent Bueno – Alive
  38. Czech Republic: Benny Cristo – Kemama
  39. Ireland: Lesley Roy – Story Of My Life
  40. Armenia: Athena Manoukian – Chains On You

The entry that was set to represent San Marino in Eurovision 2020 – "Freaky" – wasn't up for voting.

Eurovision 2020: Una Serata In Musica – The Show

Eurovision 2020: Una Serata In Musica was hosted by Lia Fiorio and Gigi Restivo. It lasted roughly three hours as it aired every single entry from this year's cancelled contest.

The show featured a special appearance from Senhit (San Marino 2020) and other members of the Sammarinese Eurovision delegation.

San Marino in Eurovision Song Contest

San Marino 2019: Serhat - "Say Na Na Na"

San Marino is one of the newest – and smallest Eurovision countries.

San Marino 2019: Serhat - "Say Na Na Na"

They have been participating ten times since their first Eurovision Song Contest in 2008. But not with great succes. In eight out of the ten participations they didn't manage to qualify for the Grand Final. San Marino qualified for the Grand Final two times: In 2014 and 2019. The worst results were in 2017 and 2008, where they came last in their Semi-final.

About the author: Pedro Santos (Portugal)

authorPedro comes from Lisbon, Portugal. He's 30 years old and graduated in journalism. He has attended Eurovision Song Contest three times live - 2018, 2019 and 2022 - and covered the show twice more (2021, 2023) but his first Eurovision memory takes him back to 2007 when Sarbel delivered his catchy "Yassou Maria" performance. Pedro's favorite Eurovision song is Albania's 2015 "I'm Alive" by Elhaida Dani which is also his favorite Eurovision edition.

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